Saturday, April 21, 2012

Why are so many regional centers getting decertified by USCIS? What happens to their investors' immigration status?

As the above articles show, several EB5 Regional Centers have been decertified, and it is believed that more will lose their certification in the coming months. In case a Regional Center gets decertified, it is quite likely that their investors will lose their Permanent Residence Status and be back at square one. The primary reason seems to be misleading information furnished by the Regional Centers to USCIS, resulting in immigrants endangering their immigration status. Most regional centers refuse to furnish audited financial statements to investors, and are notorious for paying absurdly low returns on investment, if they actually pay at all.

HOW do immigrant investors protect their interests?
The best way is to do a direct investment, so that investors can not only have the ability to furnish complete financial details, but also have the ability to control their own business in order to be in control over compliance with USCIS and IRS regulations. In cases where direct investment is involved, it is quite easy to ensure compliance and avoid losing immigration status, and in 36 cases handled by us, EVERY investor has managed to easily earn a return of at least 15% per annum on their investment, and in most cases, has earned over 22% per annum. However, investors need to keep in mind that high returns means working hard to ensure that the business grows and continues earning revenues and goodwill.
It is better to do a direct investment and

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