Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our competitors ask EB-5 visa investors to choose between safety, profit and green card. Since 2004, we've delivered all 3 to each of our EB-5 visa clients.

Our only competitors used to be unscrupulous regional center promoters and marketers, and they're now joined by those who market questionable partnerships and third rate franchises to EB-5 under the direct investment category.

I saw one of our competitors (who sells regional center securities), conducting a survey, asking EB-5 visa seekers whether they preferred green card, safe investment or profit. This is unethical and IMHO, EB-5 visa investors should never be made to make choices like these. We offer all 3 of the above in addition to faster processing, zero conflict of interest, zero fraud and easy exit strategy to all of our EB-5 visa clients.

In order to avoid being defrauded by marketers of regional centers, partnerships or substandard franchises, EB-5 visa seekers should keep the following information in mind:

With regional centers & partnerships, it takes longer to get approved, the ROI is low (or none), capital losses are quite common, the exit strategy is truly shitty and the I-829 approval rate is about 42%. In contrast, our EB-5 visa clients get approved faster, and in 10 years haven't suffered a single rejection at either the I-526 or I-829 stage or had capital losses or operating losses, and have always been able to exit easily.

Unlike Mr. Hall who sells Marcos Pizza franchises or Fred Burgess & Joe Sloboda who tried to steer EB-5 visa investors into Voodoo, even though Voodoo doesn't have such a great record or reputation, we always try to place our clients in reputable franchises such as 5 Guys / KFC / Subways etc. or in solid non-franchise businesses such as used car lots, cell phone stores, etc. where it is easy to generate jobs and quite easy to earn decent profits.

With us, our client's money is invested in their own business instead of being used to procure goods and services at inflated prices (as is common with our competitors) or hire undeserving related parties at inflated salaries.

EB-5 visa investors need to ask several important questions of regional center promoters (CEO / CFO / Vice President / EVP / SVP etc.) and marketers. It is quite common for crooks to refuse to offer the following safeguards to EB-5 visa investors:

1) A written guarantee by the top 5 officers of the regional center / partnership firm AND the marketer, confirming that they will clearly disclose all material information at the very onset and on an ongoing basis. In the US, failure to disclose material information by sellers of securities is classified as SECURITIES FRAUD.

2) A written guarantee that the marketer and regional center / partnership officers will NOT engage in conflict of interest, and will procure goods / services and hire employees in a transparent and competitive manner.

3) A written guarantee that they will fully refund an investor's fees in case the investor's petition is rejected due to the fault of the regional center.

4) A full disclosure of what is the amount of capital that the firm's founders and investors have invested and what is the percentage of ownership stake they will get.

EB-5 visa investors need to remember that Direct Investment Businesses that choose blue chip franchises (such as BK, 5 Guys, KFC, etc.) wholly owned and controlled by the EB-5 visa investor usually offer a safer, faster and very profitable way to get the EB-5 visa, and those who opt for regional centers or partnerships or third rate franchises will usually end up with delayed processing, capital lossess and low (or no) ROI caused due to extensive fraud, nepotism & conflict of interest, terrible exit strategies and high rate of denial of I-829.

Our EB-5 investor clients who opted to start Direct Investment Businesses in quality franchises such as 5 guys, KFC, McDonalds, etc. as opposed to the bottom tier franchises such as Voodoo or Marcos offered by our unscrupulous competitors, will find that they have the following advantages:

1) Great annual profits, averaging 22% annually, and usually ranging from 20% to 30% annually.
2) Capital gains: Our recommended businesses usually appreciate while Marcos pizza locations are usually sold for a massive capital loss. In 10 years, none of my clients have had a capital loss, and most investors in regional centers have suffered full or partial capital loss.
3) Easy exit strategy: You will find more buyers for 5 guys / KFC restaurants in comparison to Voodoo BBQ offered by Joe Sloboda or Marcos Pizza.
4) Easy approval with USCIS and with banks: Bank underwriters are very picky, and they won't approve Voodoo BBQ locations easily, but will easily approve premium franchises such as 5 GUys / KFC / etc. because of their track record and market reputation. USCIS will also easily approve known and reputed brands with solid track records, while they won't do so with our competitors.
5) Full disclosure of material facts: Unlike David Tashroudian or the Voodoo promoters Joe Sloboda & Fred Burgess or Regional Center promoters, we clearly and fully disclose material facts to our clients, which is why we confidently offer written guarantees of full and clear disclosure of material facts.
6) Fee refund guarantee: We know that we do a thorough job, and therefore confidently guarantee our work, while our competitors refuse to stand behind their work. This shows EB-5 visa investors who is a professional and who is not.

If you're interested in getting your EB-5 visa in a quick, safe and usually profitable manner, please call us.

Yours truly
Mohammed Shaikh, MBA, CFE, Licensed Business & RE Broker (CA &FL) 

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