Thursday, September 12, 2013

Step by Step model for EB-5 Direct Investment for how NOT to do EB-5 Direct Investment. Under the model envisaged by GT, the approval time would be about twice as long as the time it takes our clients

This is the link taken by our competitors such as partnership promoters and other unscrupulous regional center developers.

This is the link that shows how we work:

The difference is quite obvious, and is felt in several ways. With our competitors, it takes longer to get approved, the ROI is low (or none), capital losses are quite common, the exit strategy is truly terrible and the I-829 approval rate isn't so great. In contrast, our EB-5 visa clients get approved faster, and in 10 years haven't suffered a single rejection at either the I-526 or I-829 stage or had capital losses or operating losses, and have always been able to exit easily.

With us, our client's money is invested in their business instead of being used to procure goods and services at inflated prices (as is common with our competitors) or hire undeserving related parties at inflated salaries.

EB-5 visa seekers should objectively compare the approaches to understand who'd protect their interests and deliver results. We don't deliver spiels, we deliver results, and unlike our competitors, we confidently stand behind our processes and our philosophy.

Mohammed Shaikh, MBA, CFE, Licensed Business & RE Broker (CA & FL)

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