Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kevin Jeffers proves yet again why EB-5 visa investors should NEVER trust him as he tries to convince EB-5 visa seekers to invest in regional centers while SEC and NASAA are warning against them.

I read a post on (see, where Mr. Jeffers tries to deflect the negative publicity that regional centers have attracted.

Mr. kevin Jeffers states 'I hear a lot about the “evil” RC conspiracy and see it as total nonsense.'

My question is, if it is total nonsense, just why is it that the SEC has issued an investor alert advising EB-5 visa seekers about the dangers of regional centers? If regional centers are so safe, why is it that they are listed in the top 10 investment scams by NASAA (see article at ?

The plain and simple truth is that people like Kevin Jeffers or Fred Burgess or Brian Su make money by aiding and abetting the criminals who create regional centers to commit securities fraud, money laundering, securities law violations and other felonies.

The plain and simple truth is that on any given day of the week, an EB-5 visa investor will NEVER invest a penny in regional centers if they knew the facts about regional centers, simply because in every single way, genuine Direct Investment Businesses started with the guidance of professional and ethical Business Brokers are the safer, faster and usually a lot more profitable proposition in comparison to regional centers or the dubious direct investment franchises peddled by Fred Burgess & Joe Sloboda or even the Direct Investment 'partnership' brokered by David Tashroudian or Mr. Ansari.

EB-5 visa seekers who wish to learn more details about how to avoid fraud and get their EB-5 visas quickly, safely and usually quite profitably are welcome to contact me.

In case regional center marketers or third rate franchise promoters or fraudulent partnership promoters claim that their investments are safe or in any way better than genuine Direct Investment route for EB-5 visa seekers, I am open to having a live debate refereed by 3 immigration attorneys and 3 CPA's, and even broadcast the recording on, with the loser agreeing to stop defrauding EB-5 visa seekers by stopping their business activities permanently.

I am 100% certain that leave alone Kevin Jeffers, not one of the IIUSA members will dare take me up on my challenge, leave alone others who make a living in a dishonest and illegal manner by aiding and abetting fraud.

For more info, read my blog articles to learn how and why my services are hands down the best choice for EB-5 visa seekers.

Yours truly
Mohammed Shaikh, MBA, CFE, Licensed Business & RE Broker (CA & FL)

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