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Why are Direct Investment Businesses the best choice for EB-5 visa seekers? Why is Florida the best place in the US for EB-5 visa investors? Why is my team the best choice for EB-5 visa seekers?

I just read an interesting article ranking the tax climates of different US states, and FL (the state I recommend most), came in at #5. Let's have a look at objective reasons why FL comes in as the best choice overall for EB-5 visa seekers. As the article Tax Climate rankings of US States shows, the states ranked 1- 4 are a lot colder compared to FL, which is the only state in the US to not have seen snow for quite some time now, whereas numbers 1,2 and 4 are famous for their freezing winters, and most of Nevada is quite cold too. Florida on the other hand, is famous for it's beaches, universities, world class tourist attractions and more.

Florida has a much more vibrant economy compared to NV, and actually hosts more visitors and tourists than any other state in the US. Like NV, FL also has zero personal state income tax. However, the universities, tourism industry, aviation and defense industry and commercial activity make FL the number 1 choice.

It is common knowledge that Direct Investments outperform regional centers in every measurable variable, due to which they are arguably the safest choice for EB-5 visa investors. Some reasons are listed below:

1) Great annual profits, averaging 22% annually, and usually ranging from 20% to 30% annually. The lowest amount any of our clients has ever earned is 15% annual profit, and that was a special case. In contrast, the poor fools who invested in regional centers are lucky to even get a 1% annual ROI, while most get no ROI whatsoever.

2) Capital gains: Our recommended businesses usually appreciate while investments in regional centers or Marcos pizza locations or other third rate franchises will usually sell for a massive capital loss. In 10 years, none of my clients have had a capital loss, and most investors in regional centers have suffered full or partial capital loss.

3) Easy exit strategy: You will find more buyers for 5 guys / KFC restaurants in comparison to Voodoo BBQ offered by Joe Sloboda or Marcos Pizza or any regional center.  This is simply due to the fact that we always place our customers in businesses we believe to have a reasonably easy exit strategy, whereas our competitors know that their businesses have a truly terrible exit strategy.

4) Fast and Easy approval with USCIS and with banks: Bank underwriters are very picky, and they won't approve Voodoo BBQ locations easily, but will easily approve premium franchises such as 5 Guys / KFC / etc. because of their track record and market reputation. USCIS will also easily approve known and reputed brands with solid track records, while they won't do so with our competitors. USCIS is reportedly approving genuine Direct Investment based I-526 petitions in about half the time taken for approving regional center based I-526 petitions for EB-5 visas.

5) Full disclosure of material facts: Unlike David Tashroudian or the Voodoo promoters Joe Sloboda & Fred Burgess or Regional Center promoters, we clearly and fully disclose material facts to our clients, which is why we confidently offer written guarantees of full and clear disclosure of material facts. When full disclosure of material facts is NOT offered, then the end result is FRAUD.

6) Fee refund guarantee: We know that we do a thorough job, and therefore confidently guarantee our work and offer to refund fees if our client is denied due to our fault, while our competitors refuse to stand behind their work. This shows EB-5 visa investors who is a professional and who is not.

7) Full control of the investment and invested funds: As our EB-5 visa seeker clients own and control their own business, they are also in full control of their business. On the other hand, B-5 visa seekers who invested in regional centers usually find themselves at the mercy of unscrupulous regional center promoters.

All EB-5 visa seekers should ask the following questions of regional center to avoid and prevent fraud:

1) What is the mean and median amount of capital loss experienced by EB-5 visa seekers who invest in regional centers?

This is important because capital loss is very commonly experienced by EB-5 visa investors in regional centers and other partnerships, while none of our clients has experienced it.

2) What is the mean and median processing time for regional center sponsored I-526 and I-829 petitions?

This is important as EB-5 visa petitions filed by regional centers and other partnerships now take about twice as long as Direct Investment businesses to get approved.

3) What is the mean and median lock in period for capital in regional centers?

This is important as EB-5 visa investors have easy exit strategies in our recommended businesses while they are stuck for years in regional centers.

4) What is the mean and median annual ROI that is offered by regional centers?

This is important as EB-5 visa investors usually earn a lot more in businesses recommended by us than in regional centers.

5) Are there ANY regional centers around where the promoters do NOT engage in conflict of interest? Hahaha.

6) Are there ANY regional centers around where promoters are willing to offer written guarantees of FULL disclosure of material facts on an ongoing basis as well as freedom from fraud?

No way!

7) Are there ANY regional centers around that offer and sell securities overseas in full compliance of US and overseas securities laws?

No way.

8) What are the percentage of regional center filed I-526 and I-829 petitions that were approved by USCIS in each of the past 3 years?

This is important information as it exposes the regional centers at their most vulnerable point in the argument, and proves conclusively why EB-5 visa investors should avoid them.

The above are questions that illustrate in objective and easy to understand numbers just why it is unsafe for EB-5 visa investors to use regional centers to apply for their green card.

If you're an EB-5 visa seeker interested in getting your EB-5 visa in a quick, safe and usually profitable manner, please call us.

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