Thursday, February 27, 2014

Will states that received heavy snow be unfavourable destinations for EB-5 visa investors? Why should EB-5 visa investors choose Florida?

I read an article about areas that received heavy snow and ice experienced a dual shock on their economies by not only reducing their tax revenues but also breaking budgets that were quite stretched to begin with.See
Will states that received heavy snow be unfavourable destinations for EB-5 visa investors?

Another recent article also discussed how America's harsh winter caused a loss of BILLIONS of dollars to businesses located in areas that received heavy snowfall. See

This is a major part of the reason I advise clients to locate their business in Florida, as not only is Florida favourable in terms of business (no personal income tax, low rents, USA's commercial gateway to Latin America, etc.) but it is also favourable in terms of weather, where we rarely see nature disrupt lives to the significant extent that we've seen disruptions throughout the US for states in other parts of the US.

The question is, HOW does this continuous pattern of bad weather affect EB-5 visa investors and why is Florida the best destination for EB-5 visa investors?

Businesses located in areas that see their budgets and economies severely affected due to the weather tend to have lower economic activity and also tend to experience economic losses, whereas businesses in areas with pleasant weather tend to suffer less disruptions. Also, most immigrants tend to favour living in areas with mild weather like FL and not in areas with harsh winters such as NY, IL, etc.

The second important question is, WHAT is the best option for EB-5 visa investors?

In short, the answer is Genuine Direct Investment Businesses.

Advantages of Genuine Direct Investment Business started with our team's guidance:

1. Faster processing and approval times when compared to regional centers.
2. Easy exit strategy.
3. Investors usually get a 15% to 35% annual Return on Equity.
4. Investors usually get Capital gains, whereas regional center investors usually get capital losses.
5. Our clients have a 100% approval rate of I-526 and I-829, while those who choose regional centers or other partnerships don't.
6. Our clients have very little risk as we conduct extensive due diligence and work hard to prevent fraud and conflict of interest, whereas regional centers and partnerships are overrun with fraud and conflict of interest.
7. Full control of business and capital, which helps prevent fraud, conflict of interest and losses.
8. Full transparency and accountability, which is unavailable with our competitors.

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If you're an EB-5 visa investor, be sure to hire our team to help you. You'll be glad you did.

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