Monday, March 3, 2014

Andrew Shepin is so worried about me warning EB-5 visa investors about fraud that he even asked a misleading question: is it possible to advise investors without a securities or financial advisor license.

Apparently Mr. Shepin does not realise that Business Brokers are definitely permitted to advise their clients, and I actually owe a fiduciary duty to my clients to advise them about fraud. As for my blogs where I warn EB-5 visa investors about deceitful and dishonest individuals and firms who try to cheat or mislead EB-5 visa investors, I can't help it if Mr. Shepin or other fraud supporters are distressed every time I name and shame deceitful individuals in public. The only reason I've NEVER been sued by those I publicly named and shamed (such as Serge Bauer, David Tashroudian, Anthony Rodham, Matt Gordon, Brian Su, Harry Reed, Alejandro Mayorkas, etc.) is simply because I don't make false allegations, and people I name and shame, know I can prove my statements quite easily and VERY embarrassingly. Several folks made blustering threats to sue me, but their bravado disappeared when they realised that I can and will expose them easily in court.

Mr. Shepin, your question is VERY misleading and the right question is: Are regional centers and their affiliates actually defrauding or attempting to defraud EB-5 visa investors? I know that my articles are harming the business of those who cheat, but it is better that crooks get exposed than EB-5 visa investors get cheated.

I just wish to tell you that there is a reason I have zero respect for those who try to mislead others. The internet is a very potent tool, and I know exactly what prompts your question. All I will say is, there is a difference between advising EB-5 visa investors, and promoting the advantages of my services in comparison those who wish to make a living cheating others. There is a difference between merely advising EB-5 investors and warning them about deceitful and dishonest individuals. When you learn to ask the right question, you will get the right answer. When you ask misleading questions, you simply expose yourself as someone who is not to be trusted. If you, like those who support fraud, believe my writings are illegal, feel free to report me. I am sure you will realise that it is not a crime to report crime or expose criminals, and you will only face failure in your exercise in futility.

It is sad to see that instead of supporting transparency and accountability, Mr. Shepin seems to be more interested in implying that I am advising investors, when all I do is warn them, and advertise the superiority of my business advisory services over those of my dishonest and deceitful competitors. The only time I actually advise is when someone is my paid client. Till then, I let people form their own conclusions. AFAIK, I don't believe I need a securities license to advise anyone about potentially fraudulent transactions, and if folks such as Andrew Shepin find it distressing that my writings warn EB-5 visa investors about how to avoid fraud and WHO to avoid, then they can go on to write to regulators about my actions. As it is SEC already had a black eye when another fellow CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) warned them in vain about Madoff's fraud for years, and Mr. Shepin and his regional center supporters will simply discover that this time around, the SEC wasn't so slow to react to a CFE's warnings, and actually has investigations against several of the folks I've named and shamed. I take pride in helping warn unsuspecting people from fraud, and if you feel my actions are illegal or unethical, feel free to write to the regulators. Every single day, people thank me for exposing fraud, and those who feel bad that I warn others about fraud can go sulk in a corner.

Why are SEC, FBI, DHS OIG, ICE and USCIS are acting against regional centers? Why has ICE actually recommended shutting down regional centers? Why are senators and congressmen investigating regional centers. The reason is simple: Regional centers usually engage in fraud and violate securities, AML and tax laws.

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  2. Very disappointed! I was convinced by Andrew Shepin that the best way to legally come and stay in the US is by applying to an L-1 visa. This was the biggest mistake! Lack of professionalism, a lot of words and promises and as result absolutely nothing was close to reality. I had to sign and over sign the same documents again and again. Their lawyer lost the papers and I waited for an extra month.I was fooled for months and fed up with words saying that everything is great and in the end I even got in trouble with the US immigration services. For all these problems I payed $11.500, plus all other expenses for the visa that go up to another $10.000. Do not trust Andrew Shepin., they don't really know what they are doing and you are even risking of never coming back to America!