Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ali Jahangiri is getting nervous about his little business shutting down. Ali Jahangiri seems to believe that he doesn't aid and abet criminals.

The emails below show my responses to Ali and his lawyers, who tried to bully me into withdrawing my true allegations that have exposed his clients.

The fact is, I can state with 100% confidence due to personal knowledge that American Dream Fund and Extell have illegally offered and sold securities overseas AND have committed securities fraud and I also believe that they've knowingly received laundered funds. I also have strong reason to believe that the other regional centers I named in my email have also committed securities fraud, violated securities laws and received laundered funds. If Mr. Jahangiri claims that my statements are lies, then let him just get 2 CEO's (of American Dream Fund and Extell) to offer written sworn affidavits that their companies have never violated securities laws, committed securities fraud or received laundered funds, and I will not only tender an apology but also erase my articles.

However, if neither CEO denies my allegations in a sworn affidavit, Mr. Jahangiri needs to admit that he is actually doing business with criminals and is aiding and abetting an ongoing conspiracy to commit a lot of felonies, and may also be exposing himself to claims for damages from EB-5 visa investors.

I will even make it a lot easier for Mr. Jahangiri: He can himself contact the CSRC and SEBI to confirm that NONE of the regional centers listed below obtained authorization to offer and sell securities in China and India respectively, and he can ask the CEO's of the regional centers I named below if they ever offered or sold securities in China or India. The logical question then arises, did they legally offer or sell securities in China or India, and the answer is obviously NO.  

At this time, Mr. Jahangiri can also contact the CEO of each of the regional centers I named below and ask them if they are willing to offer sworn affidavits that my allegations are untrue. If these CEO's are unwilling to offer those affidavits, then Mr. Jahangiri can either do the honourable thing and speak out against the entities I named below AND stop doing business with those who violate laws and cheat investors with impunity. If he fails to do so, I will see him as nothing but a hypocrite and a criminal.

Now, the world needs to see whether Ali Jahangiri is a man of principle, or is he simply a co-conspirator (under the daisy chain conspiracy model) out to make a quick buck.

Yours truly

Mohammed Shaikh, MBA, Certified Fraud Examiner, Licensed Business & RE Broker (CA & FL)
Online: Phone: +1 407 535 0616

From: Mohammed Shaikh, RE Broker (CA & FL), MBA, CFE []
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2014 9:03 PM
To: 'Lidell Page'; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; 'Shaun Waterman'
Cc: 'Jeff D. Neiderman'
Subject: RE: Cease and Desist - Ali Jahangiri and EB5 Investors

Mr. Page

You must be seriously gullible by implying that my statements in the earlier email below are false. Let me give you an example of an advertiser (Fall 2013 edition of the magazine) AND a contributor: Ali can tell you about American Dream Fund. Look up Joe McCarthy’s links with Ali and then look up his SLS casino and the mess it is in. Joe is in bed with Sam Nazarian, and if you’re in the know with folks in LA, you will realise that he needs no introduction for his known and not so well known business interests. His SLS casino has already been in the news for fraudulently and illegally obtaining EB-5 visas after using undue influence from Senator Harry Reid.

You say that my statements are false, and list 4 of them, so let me review them for you to help you understand that I spoke the truth:

  1.       Mr. Jahangiri only goes around praising regional centers, and has yet to speak out one word against the rampant fraud, conflict of interest, securities law violations and money laundering that regional centers engage in. Is the reason that he doesn’t do so are that he earns advertising dollars from them? My statements are actually true. Show me a single regional center that has advertised with Ali Jahangiri and has sold securities to EB-5 visa investors but has NOT committed securities fraud and has NOT violated securities laws or received laundered funds. There are quite a few of them, so please show me ONE that has the CEO willing to sign a sworn affidavit that they’ve never violated securities laws, committed securities fraud or received laundered funds. Show me even ONE such regional center, and I will IMMEDIATELY retract my statements. Do keep in mind, that Mr. Jahangiri DOES receive advertising revenue from other folks such as immigration agents (who have not only received illegal commissions for the unlawful sale of securities but also violated securities laws and committed securities fraud while illegally offering and selling securities for regional centers). For instance, we can take a nice deep look @ Civitas. I believe that would turn up a treasure trove of dirt. Then there is Pathways. Then there is Greenberg Traurig, where I don’t need to say anything as their reputation precedes them. Did I forget Reeves or the USA continental Regional Centre or Omega Regional Centres? Or Extell / McAllen / North Texas EB-5 regional centers from the Spring 2013 issue. See page 26 of your Spring 2013 issue to understand why you don’t stand a chance. You can even look at GCGRC or Related EB-5 NYC Metro or Green Detroit or Green Card Fund regional centers from the Winter 2014 edition. There is simply an embarrassment of riches and I can’t decide where to start, but you can be sure that I will be subpoenaing EVERY single one of those entities mentioned above AND some I haven’t had a chance to mention, and I think you can read my blog to figure out that I can do things in forensic audits that would make plaintiffs’ lawyers and journalists have a field day. Your problem is, I don’t speak lightly and can substantiate what I say and am professionally qualified to do so.2.    This statement is also true, as the Regional Centres don’t owe a fiduciary duty to the EB-5 visa investor, while I as a Real Estate Broker do owe a fiduciary duty to my clients. 
    3.    This is a rhetorical question, and answer #1 shows why. Did you ever hear the saying that “birds of a feather flock together”? 
    4.    This is also true, and I believe a few subpoenas and depositions can help clear this out for your client right away. For list of potential deposees and subpoena targets, see paragraph 1 above.
Still feel lucky Mr. Page? Go ahead, Mr. Page. Make my day J As I said earlier, it’s not very often that I nowadays get to have so much fun. At the end of the day, crime doesn’t pay and it may be time Ali Jahangiri and his advertisers learnt that lesson personally. Do keep in mind that if you do make the mistake of suing, I will be making counter claims, and subpoenaing your advertisers AND deposing their CEO’s and your other advertisers such as attorneys Beshara, Klasko, Wolfsdorf, etc.

Yours truly,
Mohammed Shaikh, Licensed RE and Business Broker (CA & FL)
Phone: +1 407 535 0616    Skype: Mohammed.Shaikh

From: Lidell Page []
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2014 4:28 PM
Cc: Jeff D. Neiderman
Subject: RE: Cease and Desist - Ali Jahangiri and EB5 Investors

I will not respond to your nonsense except to say that we will proceed with litigation if you fail to comply with the cease and desist letter coupled with the false statements set forth in your e-mail below.  This is my last communication to you regarding this matter.


From: Mohammed Shaikh, RE Broker (CA & FL), MBA, CFE []
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2014 12:45 PM
To: 'Lidell Page';;
Cc:;;;; 'Shaun Waterman'
Subject: RE: Cease and Desist - Ali Jahangiri and EB5 Investors

Hello Lidell

Nice to make your acquaintance. First and foremost, speaking the truth IS actually an affirmative defense. Secondly, can you PLEASE tell me, which of my activities are unlawful, in your esteemed opinion? You seem to be a solicitor, and I don’t believe you’ve ever had the pleasure of being reamed. The difference between solicitors and barristers is, the former bark and the latter bite. Would you like to experience it? Then be my guest, and feel free to sue me. I will be happy to give you a textbook example of how to go demolish opposing counsel during motion practice and at trial. I believe you would need to file in federal court, and I suggest you look up the address for the Middle District Of Florida, as that is where I live and do business, and that is where you need to sue. Mr. Jahangiri isn’t the first person to threaten to sue me and won’t be the last. I can and will teach you and Mr. Jahangiri just how real depositions are done and how subpoenas can be used quite effectively. If you actually find that I have made any false statements, feel free to go ahead and let me know, and I will personally apologize. If you do make the mistake of suing me just because I expose crooks, this is how I will proceed:

a)    Subpoena your client’s emails, communications, ESI, financials and publications for past 4 years (and yes, I’ve been a qualified Certified Fraud Examiner for over a decade now and do hold an MBA in Accounting) to ascertain just how much money he made and who his advertisers are.
b)    Subpoena the emails, communications, ESI, financials and offering documents of his BIGGEST contributors, advertisers, regional centers, attorneys and marketers.
c)    Depose your client and his advertisers.
d)    Use those documents obtained in Step B to prove conclusively that his advertisers have illegally offered and sold securities, committed securities / mail / wire fraud as well as helped launder funds to the tune of several hundred million dollars.
e)    Get summary judgment.
f)     Turn over the documents I obtained during discovery to the SEC + FBI + DHS + IRS for reward money.
g)    By the way, I would definitely file a counter claim for damages against your client, and Florida juries are known to be quite generous.

I suggest that you closely look at your client’s advertisers and have a candid heart to heart conversation with your client and his advertisers to confirm that the regional centers and marketers that Mr. Jahangiri is dealing with actually do commit the crimes I listed above on a fairly regular basis. They actively collaborated to illegally offer and sell securities, as well as committed securities fraud, violated securities laws AND laundered funds. Moreover, your client is  himself aware that regional centers usually commit securities fraud, launder funds, violate securities /. Tax / Foreign Exchange Laws, as pretty much everyone in the EB-5 business is familiar with me and my blog.

Your client knew a lot of facts before hand, and yet he deliberately advertises and actually promotes regional centers in his interviews. Despite knowing that not even a single regional center that has ever offered and / or sold securities overseas has done so legally, Mr. Jahangiri praises them in public in order to deceive EB-5 visa investors and fraudulently induce them to invest with regional centers. Ali Jahangiri can’t claim ignorance as he was aware of these facts, and despite having obtained first hand knowledge not only through me but also through trade blogs, publications, news, USCIS and SEC, your client still continued misleading potential EB-5 visa investors by issuing misleading and fraudulent statements. I am sure you as an attorney are familiar with the Daisy Chain concept of conspiracy, and are aware that a whole bunch of EB-5 visa investors CAN sue Mr. Jahangiri by claiming that they relied on his published words to invest in regional centers. Do you realise the ramifications of going down the path to a lawsuit? If not, I suggest, you confer with qualified criminal defense and securities lawyers, because once you do walk down that path, I will see to it that your client WILL go to prison for a long time for aiding and abetting securities fraud, illegal sales of securities, conspiracy to violate Tax / Foreign Exchange / Securities / AML laws, etc.

My goals are simple: To prevent fraud AND to help my clients. Your client, despite being an attorney (inactive at the moment), chose to turn a blind eye towards the illegal activities of his clients, and in the process has arguably become their co-conspirator in a vast conspiracy to violate a huge spectrum of laws. Just last year, I got similar threatening emails from GCFM’s attorney, and I sent them packing with their tail between their legs. Anyone familiar with regional centers and the law can tell you the following facts:
a)    Regional Centres usually offer and sell securities ILLEGALLY.
b)    They illegally offer commissions to unlicensed agents overseas in order to sell third rate securities.
c)    They launder funds in order to circumvent tax and foreign exchange laws.
d)    They commit securities fraud on a routine basis.
e)    They’ve defrauded thousands of EB-5 visa investors out of over a BILLION dollars.

Would you like to try your luck? Do you feel lucky counselor? Go ahead, make my day J FYI, I’ve already cc’ed some folks from the media and the DHS, who may now wish to do their own review of Mr. Jahangiri’s activities and statements. I look forward to your review of my statements and to seeing you soon in court.

Yours truly,
Mohammed Shaikh, Licensed RE and Business Broker (CA & FL)
Phone: +1 407 535 0616    Skype: Mohammed.Shaikh

From: Lidell Page []
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2014 2:02 PM
Subject: Cease and Desist - Ali Jahangiri and EB5 Investors

Mr. Shaikh,

Please see the attached cease and desist letter.

Lidell Page

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