Thursday, May 15, 2014

Why do I believe that Eugene Gershman of GIS International is going to defraud EB-5 visa investors? Why are Genuine Direct Investment Businesses the safest choices for EB-5 visa investors?

I read an article about a highrise, "The Daola" being developed by Mr. Gershman ( The numbers just don't seem to add up, so maybe readers can tell me if I'm missing something. USCIS requires 10 jobs per investor. This project has 100 investors, meaning 1000 jobs need to be created. In a 42 story building with 78 hotel rooms and 95 condo units, it will be quite hard to create even 100 jobs profitably, leave alone a 1000. As far as I can see, this is just a scam to line the developer's pockets at the expense of gullible EB-5 visa investors. EB-5 visa investors need to remember that it is easy to burn money and hard to earn money, and most, if not all, regional centers are such lousy investments that US investors will NEVER invest in them. Regional center investors usually lure investors into investing in loss making ventures, and then say that the money was at risk and was lost. I firmly believe that risk can and should be mitigated, and from past experience, I can personally confirm that it is very easy to profitably create jobs in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses, but very hard to do so in Limited Partnerships and Regional Centers.

As it is, the ROI from regional centers is quite low, and when other factors such as terrible exit strategy, lengthy delays, high risk of failure, securities law violations and conflict of interest are bundled on top of it, then the only option for an EB-5 visa investor is to opt for a Genuine Direct Investment Business.

Direct Investment Businesses usually offer the following advantages to EB-5 visa investors:

    Significantly higher ROI compared to regional centers.
    Extremely low risk of fraud and conflict of interest.
    Easy exit strategy.
    Decent capital gains.
    Quicker processing.

I've helped 70 EB-5 visa investors get their green card under the Direct Investment category, and have so far had a 100% approval rate. If you're an EB-5 visa investor interested in getting your green card safely, quickly and usually profitably, please call me. You'll be glad you did as I offer the following guarantees that none of my competitors usually offer:

1. I offer a 100% fee refund guarantee in case a client is denied due to our fault.
2. I offer a guarantee of freedom from fraud and conflict of interest to my clients. NONE of the regional centers will EVER agree to this clause.

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