Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eric Cantor's defeat means that Regional Centers are unlikely to get extension next year and they can't function anyway due to USCIS, ICE and SEC enforcement. Why should EB-5 visa investors choose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses?

Yesterday's defeat of Eric Cantor in the Republican primary has effectively killed any potential for immigration reform in Congress, and this also makes it very likely that regional centers will be unable to do business a year from now as that they will be unable to win the necessary votes in Congress to continue operating past 2015, despite the frantic efforts of the regional center folks scrambling desperately to ensure that the regional center program doesn't expire shortly in the EB-5 visa program. Regional Centers have wasted a significant amount of their time and money introducing one futile bill after the other to prevent the regional center program from expiring, but it seems that they will fail.

I just read an article about how over 200 Chinese EB-5 visa investors were defrauded by Access the USA regional center, and subsequently had their petitions denied by the USCIS as the state of Washington refused to sell securities to them due to a friendly warning from the SEC that the regional center (Access the USA) seems to have illegally offered and sold securities as well as committed securities fraud and money laundering. Now, Access the USA has sued the state of Washington for refusing to sell securities, but seems unaware that their lawsuit is destined to get dismissed quickly, as they would fail to prove that they lawfully offered and sold securities. The simple fact is, there are essentially insurmountable hurdles that regional centers CAN'T overcome, due to which they can try all they want to get EB-5 visa approvals, but will slowly find themselves locked out of the market.

What are these hurdles? 

Most regional centers try to raise funds from overseas investors. Problem is, regional centers usually use immigration agents who charge a stiff commission ranging from USD 40,000 to USD 125,000 per investor from regional centers. As it is, it is ILLEGAL for regional centers to pay commissions to the immigration agents, and the fact that regional centers usually fail to disclose this and other material facts to EB-5 visa investors makes it an act of SECURITIES FRAUD. The EB-5 visa investor's money that should have been invested in the business, is instead used to pay illegal commissions as compensation to immigration agents for the illegal sale of securities. Now that SEC is beginning to scrutinize how regional centers are offering and selling securities, the number of rejections is climbing, and this can be confirmed by reviewing the latest USCIS figures.

What regional center owners and their trade association don't seem to realise is that the factors that will shut down all regional centers is not Congressional investigations, but the enforcement action of SEC, USCIS, ICE and IRS, as well as an increasing awareness and knowledge about Genuine Direct Investment Businesses.

As it is, 2 Senators are openly working to shut down regional centers due to widespread fraud, conflict of interest and national security concerns (Just search online for "ICE EB-5 secret memo"), as SEC, USCIS and ICE have provided them plenty of reasons to shut down regional centers. It now seems that USCIS has also started denying EB-5 visa petitions filed by regional centers, and it seems that EB-5 visa petitions filed by regional centers are significantly delayed due to additional scrutiny of their petitions. The number of denials for I-829 and I-526 petitions has already shot up significantly since 2012, and with the new proposed regulatory changes, not only is the number of EB-5 visa petition denials expected to increase, but it is also expected that a significant amount of EB-5 visa holders may actually end up seeing their green cards revoked due to serious issues such as money laundering, securities fraud and tax evasion.

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