Saturday, July 26, 2014

Who needs EB-5 visa when investors can get their green cards faster and safer under L1A + EB-1C or direct EB-1C category?

We are now offering investors the option of simply doing L1A + EB-1C  or directly applying for EB-1C visas to get their visas a lot faster compared to applying for EB-5 visas.

The obvious advantages are as follows:

  1. The investor immigrant can invest the same $500,000 but faces no restrictions on location (no TEA requirement), no job creation requirements and of course zero risk of fraud and conflict of interest which is so commonly found in regional centers, as the investor fully owns and controls the business that will sponsor the investor's L1A visa + green card under EB-1C category. 
  2. The other advantage is that investors get a permanent green card in hand in about the same time they would only get a TEMPORARY green card under EB-5 visa scheme. As such, the entire reason for even choosing EB-5 visa as an option is moot. 
  3. The investor always retains full ownership and control of their funds and their business, so there is no question of fraud or loss of control, as are commonly found in regional centers.
  4. The approval time for an L1A visa is approximately 3-6 weeks (if Premium Processing option is used), and the EB-1C visa takes about 8 months to process, at the end of which the investor gets a permanent green card.
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Mohammed Shaikh.
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