Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chinese investors locked out of EB-5 visa program. L1A + EB-1C may be the only available option for Chinese investors who wish to migrate to the US. Genuine Direct Investments are still the way to go!

I just read an article about how Chinese investors are locked out of the EB-5 visa program (see link

As it is, it now takes over 4 years for an EB-5 visa investor to get their permanent green card, and this delay is only expected to get worse due to government scrutiny put in place to combat the rampant fraud and money laundering committed by regional centers. With the current situation going from bad to worse, many EB-5 visa investors are now opting to go with the L1A + EB-1C visa route, which offers significant advantages of the EB-5 visa, namely that even 4 jobs are adequate to fulfill the criteria and there are no location restrictions and easy availability of visa numbers. In plain words, for the same $500,000 investment, an investor can easily start a business in any location they wish to and need to only create 4 jobs to qualify. The other major advantage is obviously the fact that the chances of fraud are quite low, unlike the EB-5 visa programme which is plagued by fraud.

Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually yield annual ROI between 15-40% annually, but in the case of EB-1C visas, the advantages come together to make it a very attractive option.

As such, EB-5 visa investors are always able to avoid the rampant fraud seen in regional centers and choose to use Genuine Direct Investment Businesses to get their green card safely and usually profitably under either the EB-1C or EB-5 category.

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