Thursday, September 18, 2014

USCIS terminates 53 regional centers and hundreds of EB-5 visa investors lose their money AND their green cards due to regional centers.

Regional center owners and marketers are famous for being dishonest, and none of them will disclose to EB-5 visa investors that the USCIS has already sent Notices of Intent To Terminate to 53 Regional Centers this year! Of these, 29 were sent to Regional Centers that failed to file I-924a in 2013, and 24 were issued recently for other reasons such as securities fraud, money laundering, etc. Moreover, due to an expected 11,000 visa petitions that will be filed this fiscal year (ending in October), it is expected that EB-5 visa investors will have a minimum 2 year wait to get their temporary green card and well over 4 years to get their permanent green card.

What does this information tell us?
1. With the spate of investigations launched by USCIS, ICE, FBI, SEC and IRS, it is quite likely that in addition to the 53 regional centers already being terminated, at least an additional 40 regional centers will be terminated from the EB-5 visa program by December 2014, and that it is very likely that as per ICE's recommendation (see link at ICE recommends shutting down all regional centers in secret memo), regional centers will be entirely eliminated from the program by next September. As such, EB-5 visa investors should only choose Direct Investment Businesses in order to avoid being left in the lurch. After all, we only read about the 53 regional centers who were terminated by the USCIS, we did NOT hear about hundreds of EB-5 visa investors who lost their money AND their green cards because they made the mistake of choosing a regional center instead of opting for a Genuine Direct Investment Business. As a matter of fact, immigrant investors should always choose Genuine Direct Investments, irrespective of whether they choose the EB-5 or EB-1C route to get their green card.

Some EB-5 visa investors may ask: WHY should an immigrant investor choose Genuine Direct Investments as opposed to Regional Centers?
My dad taught me that there are only 3 types of people in this world: a) Those who learn from the experience and mistakes of others, b) Those who learn from their own mistakes and experience, c) Those who never learn. There is a REASON that ICE clearly recommended shutting down ALL regional centers due to the rampant fraud and conflict of interest seen in them. There is a REASON that CEO's and CFO's of regional centers refuse to give guarantees of freedom from fraud and conflict of interest. Fact is, not only do EB-5 visa petitions get approved a lot sooner with Direct Investment Businesses, they also usually yield solid operating income, have easy exit strategies and usually yield capital gains. It is IMPOSSIBLE to come across a regional center that offers these features. Another reason to choose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses is that they offer the ability to constantly maintain the 10 new jobs profitably, while regional centers are constantly sweating about HOW to even create and document 10 jobs per investor?

Investors can get green card quickly under EB-1C visa category too, especially if they've been owning and operating their own business overseas for at least a year. Our team helps and advises investors in migrating to the US and getting green card under EB-1C and EB-5 category. The required investment amount ranges from minimum $350,000 for EB-1C to $500,000 or more for EB-5, and we offer a GUARANTEE OF A FULL FEE REFUND in case our client is denied due to our negligence or incompetence. Our competitors usually NEVER guarantee a full fee refund in case they err.

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