Thursday, January 22, 2015

You heard it here first: Regional centers will be out of the EB-5 visa program from September 2015 onwards and Direct Investment Businesses will be only choice for EB-5 visa investors.

Last year, I correctly predicted that the Republicans will have solid control of the house and Senate, and as predicted they won thumping victories. I also predicted that we will see delays but no retrogression contrary to what so-called experts such as Wolfsdorf were predicting, and it looks like that prediction will also be correct as Charles Oppenheim recently mentioned that we may not see any retrogression at all in 2015. I'd also predicted last year that due to powerful senators such as Grassley, Coburn and Corker openly opposing regional centers (and 8 powerful senators quietly opposing regional centers) as well as ICE / FBI / USCIS / SEC / IRS and DoS actively lobbying to kick out regional centers from the EB-5 visa program, regional centers will be booted out of the EB-5 visa program. I guess it is time for some folks to eat crow as I was laughing when I read the predictions of Wolfsdorf, Ortiz, Rahbaran, Aliaskari, Roussinova, Voigtmann, Lesli etc. who seemed to think that regional centers will be allowed to continue. I guess there is no shortage of optimistic idiots who are unaware that any proposed law to extend regional centers has  no chance of passage due to strident opposition from DHS, SEC, FBI, DoS, IRS-CID and other agencies that shall be unnamed for now.

USCIS adjudicators are anyway going slow due to source of funds and money laundering concerns, and the parallel SEC inquiry about securities fraud and securities law violations make for even slower adjudications. It is believed that thousands of EB-5 investors whose petitions have not been adjudicated will get neither their money nor their green cards, and it is still not too late for EB-5 visa investors to withdraw their funds from regional centers and instead invest in genuine Direct Investment Businesses, where the chance of fraud and conflict of interest is slim to none, and it is easy to PROFITABLY create 10 new jobs.

EB-5 visa investors must remember that regional center CEO's usually REFUSE to give notarized affidavits stating that they are in full compliance with securities laws and do not engage in conflict of interest. The reason for their refusal is because regional centers usually offer and sell securities ILLEGALLY overseas and also commit securities fraud by deliberately failing to disclose material facts. EB-5 visa investors also need to remember that those who invest in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually earn a lot more than the measly returns offered by regional centers, and instead of capital losses (which are seen in over 90% of regional centers), EB-5 visa investors in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually earn capital gains.

If you're an EB-5 visa investor, you owe it to yourself to sign up as our client. You'll be glad you did because we offer written guarantees of freedom from fraud and conflict of interest, which is something regional centers will ALWAYS refuse to do.

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