Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Can Attorney Maria Del Carmen Ramos be trusted by EB-5 visa investors? Why should EB-5 visa investors check the facts BEFORE investing any money.

I just read 2 articles by Attorney Maria Del Carmen Ramos, which shows that she clearly misrepresented facts.

Article #1 (see link, where this attorney falsely states "Despite the similarities between the Investor Program and Pilot Program, the Pilot Program offers three distinct advantages over the Investor Program. First, the required investment is significantly less under the Pilot Program. A foreign investor need only put $500,000 at risk in a regional center in a targeted employment area to qualify for an EB-5 visa. Under the Investor Program, the foreign investor must put $1 million at risk." I can speak from personal knowledge that EB-5 visa investors can invest even USD 500,000 of their own money in a Direct Investment Business in a TEA and still get their green card easily, safely and usually profitably.

Article #2 (see link is again quite misleading as it implies that the news article was misleading. In this article, the attorney clearly lies when she says "If the commercial enterprise is in a targeted employment area (defined as a rural area or an area where the unemployment rate is 150% of the national average) and with a regional center, then required initial investment is only $500,000." The fact is, either Ms. Maria is a newcomer to the EB-5 visa world or just another dishonest attorney out to mislead EB-5 visa investors, because the actual truth is, EB-5 visa investors can even invest USD 500,000 in a Direct Investment Business in a TEA, and still get their EB-5 visa quickly and actually earn a better return compared to regional centers. Ms. Maria also seems to ignore the fact that even despite initial denials by USCIS adjudicators due to unfavourable background checks and security reports, EB-5 visas have actually been given in an illegal manner to investors in cases such as Gulf Coast Funds Management, SLS Casino, American Life, etc., after corrupt officials such as Alejandro Mayorkas intervened on behalf of politicians such as Terry McAuliffe, Harry Reid, etc.

In 2014, powerful Republican Senators asked the GAO to audit the EB-5 visa program in order to assess the efficiency of the program and to suggest steps to eliminate money laundering, securities fraud and securities law violations routinely committed by regional centers. It seems that the report is going to be pretty damaging and will end up being one more reason for regional centers to be kicked out of the EB-5 visa program from September 2015. The GAO report is due to be released in a few months, but based on USCIS and ICE studies and investigations as well as input from investigators and analysts from multiple agencies, the contents of the report are a foregone conclusion.

As it is, there are investigations being run by the SEC, Dept. of State, FBI, ICE-HSI, USCIS-FDNS and even the IRS-CID, and all of these independent investigations have ended up with a common recommendation: Regional centers must be shut down as they illegally offer and sell securities, commit securities fraud and launder money. An added benefit to Republicans and their allies in law enforcement is that they prove actual malfeasance and grounds for termination on the part of a corrupt USCIS official (Alejandro Mayorkas who even got a convicted drug dealer a presidential pardon) and get to permanently sabotage the careers of Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, etc. Thus, in all fairness, the ABC News report is quite objective and is based on facts. 

EB-5 visa investors need to remember that the ONLY safe way to get approved is through Genuine Direct Investment Businesses.

Here are some of the critical reasons that EB-5 visa investors should ALWAYS choose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses and avoid regional centers:
·         In a Genuine Direct Investment Business, it is quite unusual to encounter fraud or conflict of interest. This alone is THE biggest reason why EB-5 visa investors usually experience capital loss if they opt for regional centers or unsafe Direct Investments (such as Voodoo or Marcos Pizza), while those who opt for Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually NEVER experience capital loss.
·         EB-5 visa investors who choose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually earn annual ROI of 15% to 40%, while those who select regional centers usually earn 0-2% annual ROI.
Genuine Direct Investment Businesses offer easy exit strategies to EB-5 visa investors while those who invest in regional centers experience TERRIBLE exit strategies. 
·         Regional Centers usually commit securities fraud and securities law violations while this is usually unheard of in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses. 
·         EB-5 visa investors usually get capital gains if they invest in a Genuine Direct Investment Business and almost NEVER get capital gains if they invest in a regional center. 
·         EB-5 visa investors in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually see faster processing and approval of their petitions, while it takes much longer for EB-5 visa investors to get their immigrant visa through regional centers. 
·         EB-5 visa investors in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses have a higher chance of getting their permanent green card, while those who opt for regional centers have a lower chance of getting their green card. 

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