Monday, February 9, 2015

Reza Rahbaran says EB-5 visa investors aren't alike and I think he is wrong because......

I read an article by Reza Rahbaran who claims that EB-5 visa investors are not alike.

I think that Mr. Rahbaran is simply out of touch with reality, and I can cite several core reasons which show WHY all EB-5 visa investors are essentially alike and only differ in one aspect:

Do they wish to own and operate their own business or do they wish to let someone else run their business and share profits EQUITABLY with the EB-5 visa investor?

Whether an EB-5 visa investor wishes to operate his own business or leave the day to day operations of his business to someone else is a different story, because at the end of the day, they all want only one thing: To get their permanent resident status quickly and safely.

In 11 years, every single EB-5 visa investor who's spoken with me for 15 minutes has chosen only Genuine Direct Investment Businesses to get their EB-5 visa, and I'd like to list the reasons WHY all EB-5 visa investors are more alike than most people realize.

Every single EB-5 visa investor wishes to get their permanent green card, but a FOIA request can easily confirm that about 40% of those who invest in regional centers actually get their permanent green cards through regional centers. Leave alone putting in a FOIA request, even a simple member survey of IIUSA members can confirm this. On the other hand, over 89% of EB-5 visa investors who invest in a Genuine Direct Investment Business get their permanent green cards. A GAO audit due to be released this summer is expected to confirm this, and this same report is expected to be used as ammunition by DHS, FBI, State Department, IRS and SEC investigators as justification to shut down the regional center program.

Every single EB-5 visa investor wishes to avoid capital loss, yet over 95% of EB-5 visa investors actually experience capital losses when they invest in regional centers. In contrast, NONE of the EB-5 visa investors in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses have been known to experience capital losses. I've actually invited IIUSA officers in the past to conduct a poll among regional centers in order to confirm that I speak the truth, but they seem to be feeling shy about disclosing facts.

Every single EB-5 visa investor would like to earn operating income. The fact is, regional centers usually pay about 1% annual return on investment (and frequently pay nothing at all), while those who invest in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually earn 15-35% annual return on investment, depending on location, 

Every EB-5 visa investor wants an easy exit strategy, and those who start or buy a Genuine Direct Investment Business know they have an easy exit strategy, while EB-5 visa investors who invested in regional centers can attest to the truly terrible exit strategy seen by them. 

Every EB-5 visa investor wants to be avoid dealing with those who engage in conflict of interest, and what attorneys such as Rahbaran don't seem to clearly disclose to EB-5 visa investors is that regional centers usually engage in conflict of interest.

Every EB-5 visa investor wishes to avoid securities fraud, and what attorneys such as Rahbaran fail to disclose is that not only do regional centers usually violate securities laws when offering and selling securities, they also commit securities fraud by failing to disclose material facts to EB-5 visa investors.

Every EB-5 visa investor would like to know that there is a solid chance of regional centers being kicked out of the EB-5 visa program due to concerns about fraud and money laundering, and that the safest and fastest way to get EB-5 visas is through regional centers. Even those EB-5 visa investors who prefer to have a passive approach usually select Genuine Direct Investment Businesses when fully appraised of the facts stated above, as it is not hard to find good managers or partner with reliable firms to operate a Genuine Direct Investment Business.

The bottom line is quite simple:

EB-5 visa investors are alike, and even those who prefer passive investments steer clear of regional centers when fully appraised of the facts as Genuine Direct Investments are better than regional centers in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT, which is why more EB-5 visa investors are now choosing to avoid regional centers.

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