Friday, February 6, 2015

Why should immigrant investors choose Florida?

Excellent resource for EB-5 and EB-1C visa investors which shows WHY moving to high expense states like CA, NY, NJ etc. is a STUPID idea. See

Florida makes a lot of sense for the following reasons:

1) We don't see a speck of snow and actually laugh at the poor idiots who have to shovel snow each year. Don't believe me? Try shoveling snow for half an hour and ask yourself if it's any fun.

2) We don't have any state income tax either as we get enough tax revenues from all the tourists who come visiting us to see the sun.

3) Our cost of living and cost of doing business is quite low, and did you know that you could get big fat homes in excellent neighbourhoods for a fraction of the prices you'd pay in CA, NY, NJ, CT, D.C. etc.

4) Our economy doesn't tank like TX or OK whenever there is an oil industry crash.

5) We have excellent universities and in-state tuition is CHEAP.

6) Our crime rates are a lot lower and our transportation system is pretty decent. Florida has the largest share of America's trade with Latin America, with big ports in Miami and Jacksonville. Our freeways are not even 20% as crowded and slow as the 405 or 10 or 880 in CA or the NJ Turnpike or NY's traffic gridlocks or DC's highways which resemble giant parking lots most mornings.

7) We are not as sleazy as Vegas or D.C., and are actually quite family oriented.

Bottom line is, Florida is the best place to live and work in the US and we can help you get settled right in.

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Mohammed Shaikh, Licensed RE & Business Broker (CA & FL)

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