Sunday, June 21, 2015

Joe Whalen was wrong in claiming that ICE SSA Taylor John had no reason to investigate fraud in the EB-5 visa program.

Can Joe Whalen ever be trusted or taken seriously again?

Joe Whalen asked rhetorically: What is the motivation for an ICE Agent to do anything about EB-5?

The link to the article is at, and I've saved a PDF of the article in case he goes on to change his statements.

First and foremost, Joe Whalen (who makes his living by advising regional centers) is wrong in stating "ICE is not under any mandate to “investigate” any aspect of any USCIS Program without an invitation and then it would be targeted at specified aliens for immigration- related offenses."

If he looks at the mandate of ICE - HSI by visiting the website, he will realize that ICE - HSI doesn't need any invitation to investigate benefits fraud.

He wrongly claims, "Under no conceivable circumstances would an ICE Special Agent be tasked with investigating a visa program run by USCIS; DHS Officials; or any political figures such as U.S. Senators."  Mr. Whalen is wrong, as SSA Johnson was investigating BENEFITS fraud that happened to have been orchestrated by Democrat politicians at the behest of a crooked senior DHS official Mayorkas (who was already reviled for his corruption in getting a presidential pardon for a drug dealer caught with about 400 kilos of cocaine).

As a matter of fact, ICE - HSI HAS been known to investigate and prosecute visa programs run by USCIS. A clear example can be found by searching online for "ICE Vision Systems Group H1B fraud", where ICE agents arrested Viswa Mandalapu and Chandra Mandalapu for fraud or even at this link

Mr. Whalen is right in saying that USCIS has its own investigative arm in the Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate (FDNS) which actually has a dedicated EB-5 unit embedded at the Immigrant Investor Program Office (IPO), but conveniently fails to mention that FDNS was NOT embedded with USCIS IPO when SSA Johnson started investigating the case.

He is WRONG when he claimed "If any domestic EB-5 players needed investigation then the FBI would be contacted as it has been already.", as USCIS is required to inform ICE - HSI when they encounter large scale benefits fraud.

He is absolutely wrong when he wrongly claims "Where it is appropriate, USCIS has also called upon the SEC and FINCEN. Abroad, USCIS also might call upon FDNS but is more likely to contact the State Department for additional help than anyone else. Once in a while USCIS might reach out to ICE, especially HSI. Lastly, where multiple national borders might be crossed, INTERPOL can be approached for assistance. You can “whistle-blow” it out your ***! Your 15 minutes are up!"

When USCIS encounters large scale or organized visa fraud, then ICE - HSI is the first agency they're required to contact as per the law. See link

Mr. Whalen doesn't even mention the fact that Alejandro Mayorkas violated USCIS protocols to fraudulently obtain EB-5 visas for his political masters (the Clintons and Senator Reid who violated Senate rules to get him appointed), and the fact that the EB-5 visas were fraudulently obtained can be easily verified by simply having the source of funds documents authenticated to confirm that over 95% of those contain FORGED source of funds documents. Had Mayorkas NOT intervened, neither GCFM nor SLS Casinos would have received approval for even a single EB-5 visa petition.

The funny thing is, Whalen WILL be proven wrong shortly enough because even before SSA Johnson testified in front of the senate, as rumour has it that the DHS already initiated an audit of EVERY single EB-5 visa petition filed by SLS and GCFM, and it is believed that every one of them will be rescinded shortly.

EB-5 visa investors need to remember that the ONLY safe way to get an EB-5 visa is by investing in a genuine direct investment business as regional centers actually engage in conflict of interest and violate securities laws by illegally offering and selling securities overseas.

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