Friday, August 21, 2015

Is Attorney Klasko actually familiar with the true state of affairs about the regional center renewal in the EB-5 visa category?

Is Mr. Ron Klasko actually presenting an accurate picture about the state of the regional center or is he being misled?

I just read an article by Attorney Klasko that made laugh out loud (see )

Mr. Klasko claims " The chances of the regional center EB-5 program being extended are exceedingly high. There are no significant forces who are attempting to have the program sunset." There actually IS significant resistance to the extension of regional centers in the EB-5 visa program, so I'm unsure why he thinks otherwise. An ICE memo clearly recommends that the regional center program be shut down altogether and too many politicians owe a lot to law enforcement and intelligence agencies and executives, due to which contrary to what Mr. Klasko assumes, there actually IS significant opposition to a renewal of the regional center program. 

The fact is, if the chances were "exceedingly high" as claimed by Attorney Klasko, maybe he can explain WHY has the regional center industry been unable to get an extension of the regional center program in the EB-5 visa category since 2014? 

Attorney Klasko obviously has a vested commercial interest in trying to prevent panic from setting in among EB-5 visa investors and regional centers, even if it is with clearly inaccurate "beliefs" that are proven wrong not by my statements but by events. If there was no significant opposition, then WHAT were ICE and Senator Grassley and Corker doing? Are they insignificant? Or is it that Attorney Klasko missed the famous ICE memo recommending that regional centers be shut down? If chances of renewal were exceedingly high, WHY is it that Polis and Lofgren failed to gain traction and now Goodlatte is also going to make a Quixotic and desperate last ditch attempt to save the regional center industry from being shut down due to fraud, conflict of interest and money laundering?

If I can accurately predict the contents of the GAO report 6 months in advance as well as the failure of the bills introduced by Polis and Lofgren, I believe I can also predict with a fair amount of certainty that the proposed Goodlatte backed bill will probably fail in the same way simply because there are significant unaddressed concerns about fraud and money laundering by regional centers in the law enforcement and intelligence communities, and the GAO audit report only makes the situation worse. So, it is quite likely that Mr. Klasko is unfamiliar with actual ground realities when he thinks that "it is very likely to be a bill to be introduced by Republican Congressman Issa, with co-sponsorship by House Judiciary Committee Chair Goodlatte and probably some Democratic co-sponsorship (Congressman Polis and Congresswoman Lofgren being the most likely candidates)." has ANY chance of success. 

If Polis with 22 co-sponsors couldn't do anything for 2 years in a row, then obviously neither can Goodlatte with less than a month of horse trading.
 Mr. Klasko thinks that "The strategy will be to have the bill be noncontroversial enough and streamlined enough that it will stand a reasonably good chance of receiving unanimous consent in both the House and the Senate. This would be somewhere between unlikely and impossible with a bill of the size and scope of the Grassley-Leahy Bill. In order to accomplish this result, the drafters of the House bill are working with key members in the Senate to ensure that any bill that passes in the House will likely pass the Senate by unanimous consent." 

The problem is, when you have law enforcement and intelligence agencies on one side and MAJA on the other and the amount of time being very little, the odds for a regional center renewal are practically non-existent.

 It is undeniable that Regional centers offer measly returns and don't create as many jobs as direct investment jobs. The fact is, more investors are now attracted to the Direct Investment category to apply for an EB-5 visa, especially when they realize that it is actually very easy to earn solid profits while getting a green card under EB-5 visa. More importantly, the US economy will benefit significantly if the EB-5 visa program only has direct investments, as the investor has to create 10 jobs in order to prove eligibility to stay or alternatively preserve 10 jobs in a failing business.

As a Business Broker and Adviser, it is my job to help my clients create those jobs in a profitable manner in order to help them get their green cards PROFITABLY and SAFELY, because I benefit only if my clients benefit.

EB-5 visa investors need to remember that the ONLY safe way to get a permanent green card in the EB-5 visa category is by investing in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses. At present, there is very little chance of either of the regional center extension bills being written into law due to stiff Congressional and law enforcement opposition.
Some of the important reasons that EB-5 visa investors should ALWAYS choose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses and avoid regional centers are:

1.    In a Genuine Direct Investment Business, it is quite unusual to encounter fraud or conflict of interest. This alone is THE biggest reason why EB-5 visa investors usually experience capital loss if they opt for regional centers or unsafe Direct Investments (such as Voodoo BBQ or Marcos Pizza), while those who opt for Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually NEVER experience capital loss.

2.    EB-5 visa investors who choose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually earn annual ROI of 15% to 40%, while those who select regional centers usually earn 0-2% annual ROI.

3.  Genuine Direct Investment Businesses offer easy exit strategies to EB-5 visa investors while those who invest in regional centers see TERRIBLE exit strategies.

4.    Regional Centers usually commit securities fraud and securities law violations while this is usually unheard of in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses.

5.    EB-5 visa investors usually get capital gains if they invest in a Genuine Direct Investment Business and almost NEVER get capital gains if they invest in a regional center.

6.    EB-5 visa investors in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually see faster processing and approval of their petitions, while it takes much longer for EB-5 visa investors to get their immigrant visa through regional centers.

7.    EB-5 visa investors in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses have a higher chance of getting their permanent green card, while those who opt for regional centers have a lower chance of getting their green card. 

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