Monday, August 3, 2015

Regional Center industry gets desperate as time approaches for them to be kicked out of the EB-5 visa program.

It looks like the regional center industry is getting increasingly desperate as the time approaches for the regional center industry to be kicked out of the EB-5 visa program within 2 months.

Jared Polis has already failed last year and this year in his attempt get congressional approval to renew the regional center program, and even Senator Grassley's bill to reform the program is stuck due to competing demands from law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies believed to be strongly opposing an extension to the regional center industry due to concerns about fraud and money laundering.

 Now, we see another desperate attempt being made by Reps Lofgren and Gutierrez, and it seems that even this bill shall remain stuck in Congress.

As predicted since last year, it seems that regional centers may soon cease to exist due to 2 potential reasons:

1) An inability to get congressional approval for an extension due to strong opposition from law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

2) An increased level of monitoring and enforcement by SEC, ICE, USCIS, FBI, IRS-CID and DoS investigators will make it practically impossible for regional centers to function even if they somehow manage to get an extension approved in Congress.

I just read an article (see link that detailed how the SEC is acting quite aggressively against those who violate securities laws. It is common knowledge that regional centers usually violate securities laws AND commit securities fraud, which is why it is quite likely that even if regional centers do manage to get an extension through S. 1501, they will have to worry about the SEC BEFORE they have to worry about the proposed new restrictions that will be imposed on regional centers from October (assuming S 1501 actually passes).
EB-5 visa investors need to remember that the ONLY safe way to get a permanent green card in the EB-5 visa category is by investing in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses. At present, there is very little chance of either of the regional center extension bills being written into law due to stiff Congressional opposition.
Some of the important reasons that EB-5 visa investors should ALWAYS choose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses and avoid regional centers are:

1.    In a Genuine Direct Investment Business, it is quite unusual to encounter fraud or conflict of interest. This alone is THE biggest reason why EB-5 visa investors usually experience capital loss if they opt for regional centers or unsafe Direct Investments (such as Voodoo BBQ or Marcos Pizza), while those who opt for Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually NEVER experience capital loss.

2.    EB-5 visa investors who choose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually earn annual ROI of 15% to 40%, while those who select regional centers usually earn 0-2% annual ROI.

3.  Genuine Direct Investment Businesses offer easy exit strategies to EB-5 visa investors while those who invest in regional centers see TERRIBLE exit strategies. 

4.    Regional Centers usually commit securities fraud and securities law violations while this is usually unheard of in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses. 

5.    EB-5 visa investors usually get capital gains if they invest in a Genuine Direct Investment Business and almost NEVER get capital gains if they invest in a regional center. 

6.    EB-5 visa investors in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually see faster processing and approval of their petitions, while it takes much longer for EB-5 visa investors to get their immigrant visa through regional centers. 

7.    EB-5 visa investors in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses have a higher chance of getting their permanent green card, while those who opt for regional centers have a lower chance of getting their green card. 

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