Thursday, September 28, 2017

9 reasons why EB-1 visa is better than the EB-5 Visa for investment based immigration to the US.

Important reasons for EB-5 Visa investors to avoid regional centres!

1. It takes over 2 years to get a temporary green card in the EB-5 Visa category for non-Chinese investors and over 7 years for Chinese investors. In the EB-1 visa category, we can help  clients, including Chinese investors, get a permanent green card in about 2 years.

2. Regional centres won't offer a guaranteed return of Investment to EB-5 Visa investors, while we offer a guaranteed return of capital to EB-1 investors.

3. The returns in EB-1 category are  much higher than returns offered by regional centres.

4. Source of funds documentation isn't needed.

5. The EB-5 Visa program has location restrictions, while EB-1 visas don't.

6. We offer investors a right to audit to audit the financials.

7. We offer a written guarantee of zero fraud.

8. We offer a fee refund guarantee if you're denied due to our fault or negligence.

9. We offer a written guarantee of zero conflict of interest.

The US offers the following advantages:

Low mortgage interest rates.
Low pollution levels.
Low cost of housing.
Excellent education.
Excellent infrastructure.
Excellent quality of life.

We can help you migrate to the US under the EB-1 Visa category.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Why are affluent Indians migrating to the US?

Looking to migrate to the US under the EB-5 Visa program?

Let us make you an offer that you can't refuse!

Housing is so overpriced in India and China, that USD 1,000,000 buys a cramped condo (flat) in the polluted cities of Mumbai or Beijing, while in the US, that same amount of money can get your family a green card AND:

1. A fully paid off beautiful and spacious home in a safe and upscale neighbourhood, with access to free schooling for the children in good schools. This home is quite close to the most popular family tourism destinations in the world.

2. A nice business that allows the family an opportunity to live comfortably.

3. A brand new Toyota SUV.

4. No Administrative fees or syndication fees.

Moving to the US offers the following advantages:

Business friendly environment and laws.
Law abiding and safer society.
Excellent professional and commercial opportunities.
Low mortgage interest rates and tax rates.
Favourable labour laws.
Low pollution levels.
Efficient judicial system.
Low cost of housing.
Strict food safety laws.
Excellent education.

We can help you migrate to the US under the EB-5 Visa program.

We also offer a zero fees option, where the investor doesn't have to manage the business or pay lawyer fees.


Saturday, January 14, 2017

What will be the impact of the proposed DHS changes to the EB-5 visa program?

Recently, the DHS published a list of proposed changes to the EB-5 visa program that will significantly increase the investment amount to $1.35 Million for TEAs (Targeted Employment Areas) and to $1.8 Million for general (Non-TEA) areas. 

Moreover, the locations of TEAs will be significantly restricted, so the current gerrymandering we see will essentially disappear as it would eliminate the ability of states to designate areas as high-unemployment areas, as this would all be done at the federal level in the future.

Most importantly, under the proposed rule change, an investor in that project could use money recouped for them through the sale of assets, settlements, or other litigation, to reinvest in another qualified EB-5 project and not have go to the back of the line to obtain their green card. This would allow EB-5 Investors to retain their place in the priority date line, if through no fault of their own, their petition is denied if for instance, a regional center  is terminated, or if business conditions change that would result in an loss-making or failing investment project. As it is, most regional centers ARE losing money because of the widespread conflicts of interest embedded in their business model.

This means that potential EB-5 visa investors have little time left to sign up before the Investment Amount increases and permanently puts a green card out of the reach of most investors. This also means that due to the change in TEA designations, most if not all, regional centers WILL go out of business, as they will no longer be able to qualify their projects for the lower investment amounts.
EB-5 visa investors who're interested in safely and profitably getting a green card should always invest in a GENUINE Direct Investment Business.
For EB-5 visa investors, the Direct Investment route is safe and easy, and the minimum investment amount for Direct Investment is $500,000.
The annual return on equity from regional centers is usually about 1% and the chances of capital loss are very high due to the conflict of interest and securities fraud, while annual the return on equity in direct investments usually exceeds 10% and the chances of capital loss are low due to the absence of conflict of interest and fraud.

In contrast to the CEO's of regional centers who routinely violate securities laws, commit securities fraud, and engage in conflict of interest, we at Smart Business Broker, Inc. do not charge junk fees or use the investment funds of EB-5 visa investors to pay illegal commissions to unlicensed brokers. We have a strict policy of zero fraud and conflict of interest, and actually offer this guarantee in writing to our clients.
We offer our EB-5 visa investor clients a written guarantee of full disclosure of material facts, and have an open books policy, while regional center CEO's will usually refuse to offer this guarantee, as they usually violate securities laws and engage in conflict of interest too.

EB-5 visa seekers should remember that Genuine Direct Investment businesses are THE BEST option to get the EB-5 visa quickly, safely and usually profitably for the following reasons:
1. Faster processing and approval times.
2. Easy exit strategy.
3. Investors usually get a much higher Return on Investment.
4. Investors usually get a much higher Capital gain, whereas regional center investors usually get capital losses.
5. Our clients have a 100% approval rate of I-526 and I-829, while those who choose regional centers or other partnerships don't.
6. Our clients have very little risk as we conduct extensive due diligence and work hard to prevent fraud and conflict of interest, whereas regional centers and partnerships are overrun with fraud and conflict of interest.
7. Full control of business and capital, which helps prevent fraud, conflict of interest and losses.
EB-5 visa investors need to remember that we offer THE BEST service when it comes to offering a turnkey solution for the following reasons:
1. Our EB-5 visa investors ALWAYS have control of their business and their money. Those who choose regional centers and partnerships usually have to kiss their money goodbye, and are STUCK for 5-9 years with no control over their money and a very high risk of capital loss.
2. We offer a written guarantee of freedom from fraud and conflict of interest, whereas our competitors and regional centers don't offer this guarantee.
3. We offer a written guarantee of FULL disclosure of material facts on an ongoing basis, whereas our competitors and regional centers don't offer this guarantee.
4. We offer a written guarantee of full fee refund in case a client is rejected due to our team's fault, while our competitors and regional centers don't offer this guarantee because they are incompetent and dishonest.
5. Since 2004, our clients have NEVER been denied at the I-526 and I-829 stage, and have NEVER suffered operating or capital losses, and have usually earned a high Return on Equity because of our focus on due diligence and our extensive efforts to reduce risk by preventing fraud and conflict of interest.
6. We owe a fiduciary duty to our EB-5 visa investor clients, while those who sell regional center and partnership securities usually don't owe fiduciary duties to EB-5 visa investors. In plain words, we are required by law to put our clients interests first, and we do so because it helps us more than it helps our clients! We advise our clients diligently and help them make smart decisions.
7. We're the ONLY firm that actually encourages our clients to always stay in full control of their business and their funds at every stage as this helps us reduce the potential for fraud, embezzlement and litigation.

If you're an EB-5 visa investor who wants to get their green card quickly, safely and in a usually profitable manner, please contact us.
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