Friday, August 23, 2013

Here's another great example of UNDISCLOSED conflict of interest. Regional centers may be dying due to ICE / SEC / IRS + FBI probes, but their fraudulent practices continue to be adopted by dishonest crooks.

I'd already exposed Mr. Burgess and his employees Mr. Sloboda and Mr. Guru earlier for illegally offering and selling securities to EB-5 visa seekers, and now Burgess and Sloboda are trying to get EB-5 visa seekers to invest in VOODOO BBQ, without disclosing their own undisclosed interests. The link at promotes FRFG and Voodoo BBQ. However, the EB5 Exclusive team seems to be shy about advising EB-5 visa seekers that not only does Voodoo not rank among the safer and more profitable Direct Investment Businesses that would be suitable for EB-5 visa seekers, they also seem to avoid advising EB-5 visa seekers that Mr. Burgess has an undisclosed stake and role in FRFG (See JaFreJo stands for Jack Fred Joe, the 3 founders who conceal the fact that they benefit financially by pushing investors into risky franchises. If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Burgess stands to gain by pushing EB-5 visa seekers into risky franchises as sources advise me that he has a master franchisor agreement for Voodoo BBQ (see and search for Burgess). The article also mentions that Voodoo is a lot smaller compared to bigger and more established chains, and as such is more likely to fail. Failing to advise EB-5 visa seekers about the undisclosed interests and profits is ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL. See

Question for EB-5 visa investors: Would you trust someone who gives you advice without disclosing that the advice lines the advisor's pockets and that safer and more profitable options are available?

Fact is, dishonest people ARE addicted to OPM (Other People's Money) and don't believe in honestly advising clients in an objective and neutral manner. When lawyers and brokers have undisclosed interests and agendas, it is the EB-5 visa seekers who're going to suffer. Suggesting a particular franchise is not bad, but failing to disclose hidden financial interests IS illegal and is basically a conflict of interest.

I don't promote any particular franchise, and instead tailor a solution to best fit my client's needs. I offer a written guarantee to all my clients that I will disclose ALL material facts and will never engage in conflict of interest, and refund a client's fees if they are rejected due to my team's fault. I also guarantee that my client's will be in full control of their business and their funds at all times. Let's see my competitors offer similar guarantees. Most of my competitors have aided and abetted securities fraud and the illegal sale and offering of securities.

My clients have the following advantages:

1) Easy approval: Regional center filed petitions are stuck in limbo, while Direct Investments are easily approved as the criteria are objective and easy to quantify: invest legally obtained funds and create 10 jobs. I always make sure that I advise my clients to act in a way that helps protect their interest while complying with the law.

2) Zero conflict of interest, zero fraud and full disclosure of material facts: I am franchise neutral and only suggest business opportunities that make sense for my clients. My competitors don't clearly disclose the fact that they benefit by promoting a particular franchise, and that EB-5 visa investors can get better deals and safer investments elsewhere. This is FRAUDULENT and UNETHICAL behaviour. I recommend franchises based on their market performance, the client's preference and the location. My competitors recommend truly shitty franchises just to line their own pockets. Ask an appraiser or bank's underwriter whether a Voodoo or Marcos Pizza is as great a business proposition as KFC / Five Guys / Wendy's / Hertz / Subway, etc.

3) Full control of funds and business: My clients are in full control of their businesses, and get to keep the full profits they make. My competitors usually offer measly profits. I firmly believe that my clients should keep every penny of their hard earned funds, and my competitors firmly believe in relieving EB-5 visa seekers of their funds.

4) Easy exit strategy: My clients get to decide when and if they want to sell their businesses, and usually sell their businesses for a pretty decent capital gain. I've yet to see my competitors offer such benefits since the past 10 years.

5) Fee refund guarantee: My team (including CPA's and Attorneys) work with me to offer a turnkey solution till a client's I-829 is approved, and we offer a 100% fee refund guarantee in case a client is rejected due to our fault. Our competitors usually don't offer this guarantee as they're unwilling to act professionally and responsibly.

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Mohammed Shaikh, MBA, CFE, Licensed Business & RE Broker (CA & FL)

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