Saturday, August 17, 2013

ICE-HSI, FBI and USCIS recommend shutting down the Regional Center Program and shifting focus to DIRECT INVESTMENT and DIRECTLY CREATED JOBS and ACTIVE MANAGEMENT as opposed to current model.

The link at reveals that the regional center industry is facing a massive multi agency investigation, and may be shut down soon enough.The only safe and reliable approach for EB-5 visa seekers is to now opt for Direct Investment Businesses as it is expected that regional centers will soon be shut down entirely.

We've helped EB-5 visa seekers get their EB-5 visa in a safe and expedited mode since 2004, and would be glad to help you start businesses that would help you get your EB-5 visa quickly, safely and usually profitably.

We offer the following advantages to our clients:

1) Quick approvals: Direct Investment Businesses have always been the quickest approach to get EB-5 visa, and now take about half the time to get approved for Direct Investment Businesses in comparison to Regional Centers.

2) Low risk of visa loss due to ability to easily document the creation of 10 jobs: Regional Centers have issues related to tenant occupancy, due to which their I-829 denial rate is high, while I've personally had 53 clients approved for Direct Investment Businesses due to the simple fact that I advise my clients to start / buy businesses that meet USCIS criteria in a usually PROFITABLE manner.

3) ROI: My EB-5 visa investor clients usually earn an annual ROE of over 22%, while those who invest in regional centers / partnerships usually get 1% annual ROE, as promoters of partnerships and regional centers usually engage in fraud and conflict of interest.

4) Capital gains: Capital gains are rarely received by those who invest in partnerships / regional centers / third rate franchises, while my EB-5 visa investor clients usually get decent capital gains because I steer my clients into safe & usually lucrative businesses.

5) Easy exit strategy: Regional Centers and partnerships usually lock in EB-5 visa investors for 5-9 years, and charge a lot to exit the investment, while those who invest in their own Direct Investment Businesses can exit whenever they want.

EB-5 visa seekers should remember that a Papa John's franchise may be great for Pizzerias, while Marco's Pizza may be a risky investment due to an unproven track record. Similarly, a McDonalds or 5 Guys franchise may be great for burgers, but others may be riskier for reasons stated above. Unscrupulous franchise brokers often try to solicit EB-5 visa seekers to invest in a business with a risky business model, in order to earn hefty commissions from the franchisor at the expense of the EB-5 visa seeker.

An easy way to find out if a franchise is a good option or not, is to ask a lender bank if they will finance that franchise. EB-5 visa seekers should ask Franchise brokers and promoters to disclose in a notarised affidavit the commissions they will receive and only work with those who offer a written guarantee of freedom from conflict of interest to their clients.

The following is a list of franchises that are usually safe for EB-5 visa seekers:

5 Guys, KFC / Taco Bell, McDonalds, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Cicis Pizza, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Napa, etc.

There are also several non-franchise options available for businesses such as movie theatres, child care, liquor stores, used car dealerships, motorcycle & scooter dealerships, pharmacies, etc.

All business brokers and EB-5 visa advisors are not alike as the unethical ones promote risky, third rate franchises and / or regional centers to EB-5 visa seekers, while we've helped our clients buy / start only SAFE businesses with proven records and models.

We offer a full fee refund guarantee if our client's EB-5 visa petition is denied due to our fault. We also offer a guarantee of full disclosure and freedom from conflict of interest, and none of our clients has suffered operating losses or capital losses. I don't think any of our competitors offer this guarantee.

For further details please visit our website and join our forum on Linked: "EB-5 Visa - Direct Investment Business".

If you'd like to hire us to help you start a business to qualify for the EB-5 visa, please contact me on +1 407 535 0616.

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