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Interested in the SAFEST way to get EB-5 visa? We offer the safest way to get the EB-5 visa.

As recent news reports have shown, there are many shady and unscrupulous characters out to cheat EB-5 visa investors, and it is important for everyone to know the SAFEST way to get EB-5 visa. We are proud to say that for the past 10 years, we've offered EB-5 visa seekers the easiest, fastest and safest way to get EB-5 visa. Read on to see how we offer the following advantages to our EB-5 visa investor clients:
  1. Fastest EB-5 visa approvals: Petitions filed by partnerships & regional centers are being delayed due to intensive scrutiny by the DHS, SEC, IRS & FBI's joint inquiry being conducted since 2011 (see link DHS & FBI Investigate regional centers for fraud!. At present, the EB-5 visa petitions filed by regional centers usually take over a year, while those filed in the Direct Investment Business category take about 5-6 months on average.
  2. Safest EB-5 visa processing: Regional Centers are risky not only due to the lack of control and fraud and government investigations, but also due to the rampant conflict of interest found in their business. If US investors were asked to buy shares of a regional center or Direct Investment Partnership (which are basically regional centers in disguise), they would refuse to do so as the risk is too high. As a matter of fact, most partnerships ask EB-5 visa investors to opt for risky businesses such as On the other hand, US investors and even banks would willingly invest money in the EB-5 visa businesses we recommend to our clients, as we ensure that we only advise our clients to opt for franchises with a solid track record and place our clients in locations where it is easy to get started and continue operations successfully. Our competitors usually advise their clients to opt for risky franchises or even riskier regional center projects, and this usually ends up causing partial or total capital loss. The Direct Investment route requires fulfilment of 2 criteria: a) Investment of capital and b) Creation of jobs, and we work hard to ensure that our clients meet and exceed USCIS standards in a PROFITABLE manner.
  3. Zero Fraud or Conflict of interest: We offer written guarantees to all of our clients that we will disclose ALL material facts and never engage in conflict of interest. We actually ensure that we help our clients procure goods and services in an open and competitive manner for their businesses, whereas promoters of partnerships and regional centers routinely engage in conflict of interest and defraud EB-5 visa investors by failing to disclose material information. EB-5 visa seekers should insist on notarised affidavits affirming full disclosure of material facts and abstinence from conflict of interest before dealing with attorneys / business brokers / advisors, and refuse to deal with anyone who fails to furnish these notarised affidavits. We know of several unscrupulous attorneys  and brokers who trick EB-5 visa seekers into buying risky franchises such as Voodoo BBQ or Marcos Pizza, when safer options exist.
  4. (Usually) great ROI: Our clients have ALWAYS earned over 15% annual ROE as we work hard to advise them to place the right business at the right spot, while those who invest in regional centers or other partnerships or risky franchises usually earn 1% annual ROE, or even suffer losses. In plain words, a $1,000,000 investment in a business recommended by us will have a reasonable chance to earn $150,000 annually, while our competitors who sell investments in regional centers and partnerships usually offer annual dividends of $10,000 or less. It is easy to support a family on $150,000 a year, and quite hard to do so on a budget of $10,000 a year. Caveat: Past performance is NOT a predictor of future performance, although we'd be pretty shocked if you didn't earn at least 15% annual ROE.
  5. (Usually) great Capital gains: Our clients have ALWAYS had capital gains when they sold their business, as we only guided them towards safer businesses with negligible prospects of losses or failure. This helps ensure that business values increase.
  6. Easy exit strategy.As our clients own their own businesses, they have full freedom to choose when and how much to sell their business for. In contrast, EB-5 visa seekers who opt for regional centers or partnerships are stuck for 5-9 years, and those who opt for risky franchises are probably going to suffer total capital loss.
  7. Fee refund guarantee in case we fail to help our clients get their petition approved due to our fault: We are confident enough about our competence to offer a fee refund guarantee in case of our client being denied due to our fault. Our incompetent and unprofessional competitors don't offer this guarantee, and instead expect the EB-5 visa investor to pay for the fault of incompetent service providers.We can confidently offer this guarantee because for the past 10 years, none of our clients have ever been denied due to our fault, and as a matter of fact, we have 53 clients approved for EB-5 visa in Direct Investment Business category. Ask our competitors about their approval percentage and if they offer full fee refund.
  8. Full control of your business and your cash: We place our client's funds in a corporate bank account owned and controlled by our client only, and the client has full control over how to spend the business funds and who to fire / hire / promote. In contrast, regional center promoters hire friends and family to work in their business at inflated wages.
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