Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One more regional center caught committing fraud against EB-5 visa seekers. Is there any such thing as an honest regional center promoter?

The article says it all. For years, I've been openly challenging regional center promoters and marketing agents such as Kevin Jeffers, Chaim Katzap, Fred Burgess, Joe Sloboda, Brian Su, Lei Reilley etc. to show me even a single regional center whose CEO and CFO are willing to offer notarized affidavits that they don't engage in fraud or conflict of interest, and till today I've yet to see even one regional center whose CEO and CFO are willing to certify this in writing. In contrast, I am willing to give this guarantee because I believe in serving my clients the old fashioned way: Honestly, diligently and professionally.

If you're interested in getting an EB-5 visa, you owe it to yourself to just get the best business advisor / broker in the market, and I can honestly say that I've the longest and most successful track record helping investors get EB-5 visas by starting or buying businesses in the US.

My clients get the following advantages when compared with regional centers:

1)    0 possibility of fraud as we offer a written guarantee of ZERO Conflict of Interest and FULL disclosure of material information to all clients, whereas regional center executives will always refuse to give this guarantee to EB-5 investors.
2)    The annual ROI usually ranges between 15% to 50%, and usually averages about 22% for most businesses. In contrast, regional centers don’t even usually pay 1% annual ROI.
3)    Easy exit strategies in Direct Investment Business allow investors to sell whenever they want and freely, whereas the shares of the regional center are not freely resellable and investors are locked in for at least 5 years.
4)    Investors in regional centers usually experience capital loss, whereas investors in Direct Investment Businesses usually exit with capital gains. In over 9 years as a Broker, I’ve yet to see even one regional center investor exit without capital loss, and in that same time, none of my clients made less than 20% capital gain.
5)    The approval time for petitions based on Direct Investment Businesses is about half that of regional center sponsored petitions, and I’ve 100% approval rate at the I829 stage, and I have yet to see a regional center with 100% approval at I829 stage.
6)    I confidently offer a 100% fee refund guarantee to clients because I know I do a professional job, while regional centers expect investors to pay for the negligence, greed and incompetence.

Yours truly,
Mohammed Shaikh, Licensed RE and Business Broker (CA & FL)
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