Sunday, August 11, 2013

The folks at IIUSA seem to think that mere posturing is enough to hoodwink smart EB-5 visa seekers. What are the crucial Questions that IIUSA lawyers and members hate to answer?

I am STILL waiting to come across a single honestly run regional center since 2004.

IIUSA has a bunch of new recommendations on "best practices" for regional centers, and this can be viewed at and frankly, these are quite disappointing and don't even come close to meeting the basic requirements to prevent and detect fraud.

I want all EB-5 visa seekers to ask a simple question of regional center promoters and marketing agents:

Why is it that Mohammed Shaikh offers a notarized guarantee of full disclosure of material facts and freedom from conflict of interest to EB-5 visa seekers, while IIUSA members refuse to offer the same notarized guarantee to EB-5 visa investors?

Why is it that IIUSA members conveniently skip over the critical issue that regional centers illegally market and sell securities in India, China, South Korea, etc.?

Why is it that regional centers aren't taking steps to avoid laundering BILLIONS of Dollars of cash?

Why is it that regional centers don't agree to offer investor friendly exit strategies and implement a plan to go public in a short time frame so that investor's can exit in a quick and easy manner like investors in Direct Investment Businesses do?

Why is it that regional centers refuse to publish audited books of accounts on a regular basis?

Why is it that regional centers don't require the promoters to invest at least 10% of the total value of the project?

Why is it that regional centers don't offer a fee refund guarantee?

Fact is, regional centers were and always be the favoured tools of money launderers and swindlers, and it is far safer and quicker for EB-5 visa seekers to opt for Direct Investment Businesses in reputable businesses.

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