Saturday, August 10, 2013

Which franchises are reliable and safe options for EB-5 visa seekers under Direct Investment Business category?

The link at is a good starting point to get a general overview on what is a proven franchise with a good track record, and would be a suitable investment for EB-5 visa investors. EB-5 visa seekers should choose franchises that have sales growth and unit growth, and that are preferably within the top 100 franchises, as it is not only a lot easier to get bank loans to expand but also easier to sell and exit the business if an when the investor wants to exit. This helps the investor earn a decent living and save money to grow AND also helps the investor earn capital gains when they wish to exit.

Unlike our competitors who have undisclosed financial motives to convince EB-5 visa seekers to invest in franchises with not so impressive track records (such as Marcos Pizza or Voodoo BBQ to name but 2 of the numerous dubious offerings in the market), we only advise our clients to opt for businesses that have a decent chance of success.

Those who want to get EB-5 visas in a safe (and usually profitable) manner, should hire my team, and those who want to get ripped off and get rejected at either the I-526 or I-829 stage are welcome to do business with my competitors, as I offer a fee refund guarantee to my clients in case my client is rejected due to my fault, while my competitors don't. In almost 10 years, none of my clients were rejected, and they all earned at least 15% annual ROI and had capital gains, and I'm proud to say that my competitors who peddle regional centers and partnerships don't even come close to meeting my performance.

For further details please visit our website and join our forum on Linked: "EB-5 Visa - Direct Investment Business".

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