Friday, November 15, 2013

EB-5 visa investors should remember that my dishonest competitors make false allegations anonymously because I'm hurting their business of fraud. Only those with integrity speak openly and fearlessly.

A potential customer asked me about an anonymous post  (see  link some disgruntled competitors put about me online, and I was quite shocked at seeing the levels people stoop to, to get business. Besides being liars, I now realise that the crooks who are out to cheat EB-5 visa investors are also spineless cowards.

I know that since few years when I exposed regional centers in the act of fraud and also exposed several unscrupulous individuals such as Mark Hyman, Brian Su, etc. for trying to defraud EB-5 visa investors, they've now resorted to using false allegations to try and discredit me.

So, to the cowards such as Marc Hyman (who made false allegations about me to FL DBPR and CA DRE) in retaliation for exposing their false claims of experience in EB-5 related business brokerage, I'd like to say, your efforts were in vain and you are welcome to stalk me by checking my profile every so often, as you will only see the list of success stories increase, while you won't even be able to say in public just how many clients have you successfully helped (probably because you haven't helped anyone so far).

To the other competitors who post false allegations under fake names that I've criminal convictions or been deported, I'd like to issue an open invitation to provide certified copies of official records to prove that I've ever been ordered deported or have any criminal convictions anywhere in the world or actually had even a single client fail to get their EB-5 visa profitably.

To the lying competitors of mine who make false allegations online claiming I've duped or cheated any customer of mine or failed to help them get their EB-5 visa in a profitable manner, I will issue an open challenge:

If you can have even ONE single customer of mine to step forward and provide a notarized affidavit stating under oath that my team has failed to help them get their E-5 visa or that they earned less than 15% annual dividend from operating profits in any business I've helped them start or buy in order to get their EB-5 visa, I will give USD 10,000 each to that client of mine and to the person who brings forward such a client. This "client" should provide just 2 things: 1) bank certified records of evidence that they paid me, 2) the original copy of our notarized contract (yes, ALL my contracts ARE notarized in order to prevent fraud or disputes).

To my potential clients, whenever someone makes false claims about me, just use your common sense and ask them the following questions:
1) If the anonymous poster claimed in October 2012 that Mohammed was ordered deported, why is he still in the US?
2) If Mohammed Shaikh has a criminal conviction, how is he holding a RE Broker license, when state laws clearly prohibit people with criminal convictions from having professional licenses?
3) If this anonymous poster claims that Mohammed failed in helping him get their EB-5 visa in a profitable manner or simply failed in helping a client get their EB-5 visa, then why isn't (s)he stepping forward to identity himself / herself and claim the prize money?

The fact is, I've exposed many criminals such as David Tashroudian, Varun Gupta, Matt Gordon, Kevin Jeffers, Joe Sloboda, Fred Burgess, Brian Su, Thom Casebolt, Terry McAuliffe, Anthony Rodham, Marc Hyman, etc., which is why they retaliate by anonymously making false allegations about me. I work honestly, openly and diligently, which is why I've no qualms about naming and shaming frauds, liars and crooks who're out to cheat the EB-5 visa investor community, and that is the reason why I've earned a solid reputation for transparency and professionalism. My competitors simply lie and I speak the truth and deliver results.

I can proudly say that I've set standards for professionalism, transparency and honesty that have helped save hundreds of EB-5 visa investors from fraud, and I'm the number one reason regional centers are now a dying breed. I've named and shamed crooks by exposing them and explaining just HOW these crooks deceive and defraud EB-5 visa investors. EB-5 visa investors should keep in mind that if any competitor can make false allegations about me in order to get their business, they will also lie to defraud the EB-5 visa investor of their hard earned money.

There is a reason that those who chose me have never been rejected at the I-526 or I-829 stages, while those who chose regional centers and partnerships have only an approximately 40% chance of getting both their I-526 and I-829 approved. The reason is, I owe a fiduciary duty to my clients and I take those duties quite seriously, while those who try to sell third rate franchises, partnership stakes at unfavourable terms and regional center businesses don't owe any fiduciary duties and as such, engage in rampant conflict of interest and fraud.

If you're an EB-5 visa investor interested in getting their EB-5 visa safely and usually quite profitably, please contact me. You'll be glad you did.

Yours truly
Mohammed Shaikh, MBA, CFE, Licensed Real Estate & Business Broker (CA & FL)
Phone: +1 407 535 0616.

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