Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The BEST EB-5 visa solution just got 20% cheaper! Now EB-5 visa investors can get the same great service for a lower price.

Time and again, we've objectively proved to EB-5 visa investors how we offer the BEST solution for EB-5 visa investors that allows them to get excellent results in a safe, quick and usually profitable manner. Our commitment to quality, professionalism and transparency has made our firm the standard by which our competitors are measured, and we've yet to come across competitors that confidently offer the same guarantees that we confidently offer.

We've learned over the years that it pays to listen to our customers, and we've gone ahead and made some changes due to popular demand.

The changes are as follows:

  1. Our combined fees (for the CPA, Attorney and Business Advisor)  for our turnkey EB-5 visa solution have now been slashed to USD 60,000. This means that our fees are now comparable to those charged by regional centers, except we still offer a fee refund guarantee in case our EB-5 visa investor client is rejected due to our fault. Our competitors usually don't offer this fee refund guarantee as they aren't as professional and competent as us.
  2. We now offer a payment plan that allows our EB-5 visa investor clients to pay in instalments: The first instalment of USD 30,000 is due on signing up with as our clients, the second instalment of USD 20,000 is due when the EB-5 visa investor gets their I-526 approved and the third instalment of $10,000 is due before the I-829 is filed to remove conditions.
EB-5 visa investors who are unfamiliar with our firm may ask, WHY do we claim that we offer the best option for EB-5 visa investors?

The reasons are listed below:
  1.  We offer a guarantee of freedom from fraud and conflict of interest and guarantee that all material facts will be disclosed to the client from the moment they sign till the moment our engagement ceases upon approval of the I-829. I don't think anyone else, be it regional centers or partnership or risky franchise vendors offer this guarantee, simply because they usually engage in conflict of interest and fraud.
  2. We offer a 100% fee refund guarantee, and proudly say that in case our client is denied due to our fault or the fault of the CPA or attorney hired by us, we will cheerfully refund their fees. To our knowledge, nobody else offers this guarantee. Since 2004, NONE of our clients have been rejected for the I-526 or I-829, while those who trust our competitors see significant capital loss and have an approximately 40% chance of getting their permanent green card. Many EB-5 visa investors will ask, what about the CAPITAL?
  3. We are  probably the only firm that lets the EB-5 visa investor be in full control of their business and money at every step of the way, and this essentially eliminates the potential for fraud and conflict of interest, and in the unlikely event that a client's EB-5 visa petition is rejected, the client can withdraw their funds or sell their business and exit. 
  4. We guide our clients in a NEUTRAL and OBJECTIVE manner. This means we don't engage in  conflict of interest like regional centers and partnerships or risky franchises such as Voodoo BBQ or Marcos Pizza which may be unsuitable for EB-5 visa investors. We usually advise our clients to opt for businesses such as car rental, child care, used cars, fast food, auto parts, etc. that have a strong potential to PROFITABLY generate 10 jobs. We always advises our clients to choose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses, as they help reduce the potential for fraud and conflict of interest.
If you're an EB-5 visa investor who wants to obtain their visa quickly, safely and in a usually profitable manner,  please use our firm. You'll be really glad you did.

Yours truly,
Mohammed Shaikh, Licensed RE and Business Broker (CA & FL)
Phone: +1 407 535 0616 Online: htttp://

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