Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ali Jahangiri says that "The EB-5 Program Works Well For Real Estate Investments" but unfortunately, Real Estate Investments do NOT work so well for EB-5 visa investors.

My business philosophy is very simple and in direct contrast to my competitors: My competitors ask, "What can EB-5 visa investors do to help us and our cronies get rich?", while I ask, "How can I help EB-5 visa investors get their green cards safely, quickly and profitably?"

Mr. Jahangiri apparently makes money helping folks who seem to be criminals and frauds, which is why it is understandable why his interests are aligned with folks who usually won't have the EB-5 visa investors interests at heart, and many of Mr. Jahangiri's advertisers don't owe a fiduciary duty to EB-5 visa investors, which is why they are so reckless in safeguarding the interests of EB-5 visa investors. On the other hand, I owe a fiduciary duty to my EB-5 visa investor clients, which is why I am legally and morally obligated to act in a way that best serves my clients.

I don't think even a single regional center CEO can honestly state that they have not violated or attempted to violate securities laws, and I also don't believe that we can find even 1 regional center where fraud and conflict of interest do not exist. In reality, EB-5 visa investors strongly prefer capital gains and decent income during the process of getting their green cards, and will NOT settle for paltry returns and almost certain capital losses (caused due to fraud and conflict of interest) anymore.

We see many "Due diligence experts" who claim to know how to do due diligence for regional center (or even Direct Investment) investment opportunities, and these phonies give false assurances to EB-5 visa investors that regional center investments are safe and great. These so-called experts seem to be turning a blind eye to the fraud and conflict of interest that can be so easily seen in over 98% of the cases, be they regional centers or even so-called Direct Investments such as the fraudulent and conflict of interest ridden offerings of Twistee Treat, Voodoo BBQ (by Fred Burgess and Joe Sloboda) or Carl's Jr. by David Tashroudian or Marcos Pizza by Mr. Hall (to cite just a few examples of extremely risky franchise offerings).

EB-5 visa seekers should remember that Genuine Direct Investment businesses are THE BEST option to get the EB-5 visa quickly, safely and usually profitably for the following reasons:

  1. Faster processing and approval times.
  2. Easy exit strategy.
  3. Investors usually get a much higher Return on Investment.
  4. Investors usually get a much higher Capital gain, whereas regional center investors usually get capital losses.
  5. Our clients have a 100% approval rate of I-526 and I-829, while those who choose regional centers or other partnerships don't.
  6. Our clients have very little risk as we conduct extensive due diligence and work hard to prevent fraud and conflict of interest, whereas regional centers and partnerships are overrun with fraud and conflict of interest.
  7. Full control of business and capital, which helps prevent fraud, conflict of interest and losses.
EB-5 visa investors need to remember that we offer THE BEST service when it comes to offering a turnkey solution for the following reasons:
  1.  Our clients ALWAYS have full control of their business and their money. Those who choose regional centers and partnerships usually have to kiss their money goodbye, and are STUCK for 5-9 years.
  2. We offer a written guarantee of freedom from fraud and conflict of interest, whereas our competitors usually don't offer this guarantee.
  3. We offer a written guarantee of FULL disclosure of material facts on an ongoing basis, whereas our competitors usually don't offer this guarantee.
  4. We offer a written guarantee of full fee refund in case a client is rejected due to our team's fault, while our competitors usually don't offer this guarantee because they are incompetent cowards who are unsure about the quality of their work.
  5. Since 2004, our clients have NEVER been denied at the I-526 and I-829 stage, and have NEVER suffered operating or capital losses, and have usually earned over 22% annual Return on Equity because of our focus on due diligence and our extensive efforts to reduce risk by preventing fraud and conflict of interest. Try finding a regional center or partnership that boasts of this record.
  6. We are quite objective in our assessments, and owe a fiduciary duty to our EB-5 visa investor clients, while those who sell regional center and partnership securities usually do not owe fiduciary duties to EB-5 visa investors. In plain words, we are required by law to put our clients interests first, and we do so because it helps us more than it helps our clients! We advise our clients diligently and help them make solid decisions.
  7. We are probably the ONLY firm that actually encourages our clients to always stay in full control of their business and their funds at every stage as this helps us avoid escrow accounting and reduces potential for fraud, embezzlement and litigation.
If you're an EB-5 visa investor who wants to get their green card quickly, safely and in a usually profitable manner, please contact us. You'll be glad you did!
Yours truly,
Mohammed Shaikh, Licensed RE and Business Broker (CA & FL)
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