Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yet another case surfaces with a Greenberg Traurig client linked to fraud.

Greenberg Traurig seems to be a name linked quite often to fraud, from the infamous Abramoff to the latest EB-5 visa crooks recently, and now it seems that the firm has gone ahead and signed up yet another criminal as a client. Do crooks and criminals have an inexplicable affinity for Greenberg Traurig?

Read the article in NY Times to learn more (see link and then ask a simple question: Considering the fact that several EB-5 scammers have used their services, should EB-5 visa investors give a wide berth to regional centers that are in any way affiliated with a firm that seems to strangely attract more than it's fair share of crooks?

The safest option for EB-5 visa investors remains a Genuine Direct Investment Business, and we can proudly and honestly say that we've the longest and best track record when it comes to helping EB-5 visa investors become permanent residents under the Direct Investment Category since 2004. If you're interested in learning more, please let me know.

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