Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Brian Su and the kiss of death: Why is it that Brian Su marketed regional centers end up under federal investigation for defrauding EB-5 visa investors?

First GCFM regional center went under the scanner for EB-5 visa fraud and securities fraud, and now the South Dakota regional center is also under federal investigation for criminal acts including fraud (see ).

It is NOT a coincidence that the above named regional centers are under investigation for fraud and it is NOT a coincidence that most if not all of the EB-5 visa investors in these ventures have failed to get a Permanent Green Card, have lost a lot of their irreplaceable time and have also lost a lot of capital. I believe if Mr. Su's track record was carefully scrutinised, it will emerge that most of the EB-5 visa investors who invested in projects he marketed actually ended up without a permanent green card and also suffered capital losses along the way.

In contrast, since 2004, none of our clients has ever had their I-526 or I-829 petition rejected, and they've all experienced operating profits AND walked away with respectable capital gains.

EB-5 visa investors may ask, what is it that we do different?

The answer is simple: We always put out client's interests first. This means we do not engage in conflict of interest and work hard to detect and prevent fraud, and always do our due diligence thoroughly.

We always encourage EB-5 visa investors to invest in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses, as they have several advantages listed below:

  1. Full control of funds and business. This ensures that an EB-5 visa investor is able to avoid fraud and conflict of interest, as these are the two major reasons that regional centers are terrible choices for investors. It can be safely said that while most if not all regional centers and partnerships engage in fraud and conflict of interest (by procuring good & services from related parties at inflated prices and by hiring related individuals instead of hiring transparently in a meritocratic manner), this problem is usually never seen in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses, as the EB-5 visa investor will always procure goods and services at the best possible rates, and will only hire employees that deserve hiring.
  2. Faster processing and approval times: Regional Center marketers usually don't disclose the fact that I-526 petitions based on Genuine Direct Investment Businesses are usually approved in about half the time (or less) it takes to get them approved through regional centers.
  3. Higher approval rates: My EB-5 visa clients have had a 100% approval rate whereas those who chose regional centers usually see 42% approval rate.
  4. Easy exit strategy: EB-5 visa investors who invest in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses have far easier exit strategies, where EB-5 visa investors can exit in as little as 3 years, whereas those who opt for Partnerships or regional centers are STUCK for 5-9 years. 
  5. Higher Return on Investment: It is quite common to see annual Returns on Investment ranging from 20-35% in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses, whereas the annual returns from regional centers and partnerships are usually 0 to 5%. In plain words, over a 3 year period, in a typical worst case scenario comparison between Genuine Direct Investment Businesses on 1 hand and regional centers & partnerships on the other hand, an EB-5 visa investor would earn USD 300,000 with a Genuine Direct Investment Business and $15000 with a regional center.
  6. Capital gains: Those who invest in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually see capital gains, whereas those who choose partnerships and regional centers usually see capital losses.
EB-5 visa investors need to remember that we offer THE BEST service when it comes to offering a turnkey solution for the following reasons:

  1.  Our clients ALWAYS have full control of their business and their money. Those who choose our competitors usually have to kiss their money goodbye, and are STUCK for 5-9 years.
  2. We offer a written guarantee of freedom from fraud and conflict of interest, whereas our competitors, regional centers and direct investment partnerships usually don't offer this guarantee.
  3. We offer a written guarantee of FULL disclosure of material facts on an ongoing basis, whereas our competitors usually don't offer this guarantee.
  4. We offer a written guarantee of full fee refund in case a client is rejected due to our team's fault, while our competitors usually don't offer this guarantee because they are incompetent cowards who are unsure about the quality of their work.
  5. Since 2004, our clients have NEVER been denied at the I-526 and I-829 stage, and have NEVER suffered operating or capital losses, and have usually earned over 22% annual Return on Equity because of our focus on due diligence and our extensive efforts to reduce risk by preventing fraud and conflict of interest. Try finding a regional center or partnership that boasts of this record.
If you're an EB-5 visa investor who wants to get their green card quickly, safely and in a usually profitable manner, please contact us. You'll be glad you did!

Yours truly,
Mohammed Shaikh, Licensed RE and Business Broker (CA & FL)
Phone: +1 407 535 0616 Online: htttp://

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