Monday, December 2, 2013

Corrupt bedfellows continue their little revolving door career changes while EB-5 visa investors continue to get screwed.

So far, it seems that over 100 EB-5 visa investors were ripped off in the Brian Su marketed and Anthony Rodham + Terry McAuliffe promoted GCFM, whose sole project was GreenTech Automotive. Now I learnt that two former GreenTech affiliated individuals used the public / private revolving doors to get themselves cushy jobs away from the limelight:
  1. Is Mr. Stoney and you can read about it: GreenTech Executive Stoney gets cushy government job!
  2. Is Doug Smith, who went to bat for GCFM and who has now been rewarded with a cushy lobbyist job. Doug Smith cashes in his chips!
 EB-5 visa investors should know that in the whole sordid saga of Gulf Coast Funds Management, the only folks who benefited were Brian Su and his lackeys, the Clinton Family and their lackeys, corrupt DHS officials such as Ali Mayorkas (see Mayorkas helps get major drug trafficker off the hook!) and Doug Smith, as well as corrupt politicians who funnelled investor's funds into their own pockets. The EB-5 visa investors who invested in this, lost their time and money, and will soon enough realise that they lost their visa too. I'll bet my bottom dollar that most, if not all, of GCFM's EB-5 visa investors will see capital losses and even 10% will be lucky to get their I-829 approved, leave alone getting their money back.

A few days ago, an attorney with questionable ethics, who has worked extensively with regional centers, remarked that Direct Investment Businesses are at a disadvantage because they can't use Indirect Job Creation to qualify. To that, I say, 'You're wrong, Mr. Cohen, because with Genuine Direct Investment Businesses, it is usually quite easy to PROFITABLY create 10 jobs, and this is an advantage as it is objective and quantifiable with no room for questioning by USCIS adjudicators.'

EB-5 visa investors should ALWAYS choose Genuine Direct Investment Businesses, as they are usually free of fraud and conflict of interest seen in regional centers and Direct Investments, and their petitions are approved a lot faster. Additional advantages of Genuine Direct Investment Businesses include easy exit strategies, and those who invest in Genuine Direct Investment Businesses usually see solid Returns and capital gains.

If you're an EB-5 visa investor, please feel free to contact us. You'll be glad you did.

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